Why Wash Your Hands Before Touching Your Eyes

When you were younger, it was probably emphasized that you should wash your hands before dinner. While that advice should be taken well into your adulthood, there are many other scenarios in which you should be washing your hands. In fact, one of the most important times to wash your hands is before you touch your eyes, particularly, if you are inserting or removing contact lenses. While it’s impossible to keep your hands entirely germ free, washing your hands can often mitigate the amount of bacteria or other dirt and grime that will get into your eyes or contact lenses. That in mind, here are some of the diseases you can avoid and how you should wash your hands to ensure a healthier life and hygienic routine.

Non-purulent Conjunctivitis

Also known as pink eye, non-purulent conjunctivitis can greatly affect your life. Most people tend to deal with non-purulent conjunctivitis at some point, but fortunately it can be easily avoided by practicing proper hygiene and by taking care to wash your hands. Some symptoms of pink eye include itching, red eyes, and some discharge around the edges of your eye.

Bacterial non-purulent conjunctivitis can be highly contagious, and you should take care not to spread it by constantly touching your eyes. Before you infect anyone that you love, you will need to visit an eye doctor—he or she can prescribe some antibacterial eye drops. Your symptoms usually clear within a few days.

How to Wash your Hands to Prevent Disease

Avoiding disease is easy once you know the basics of washing your hands. Most have trouble distinguishing when they should wash their hands, but if you have any doubt, or it has been a few hours, you should consider visiting the nearest sink in order to prevent any infections. Many experts agree that if your hands are visibly soiled, you have touched raw meat, visited the bathroom, or you have blown your nose, you should make sure to take the time to make sure your hands are cleaned.

One mistake that many make is that they don’t wash their hands long enough in order to rid themselves of any germs that might cause disease. You should take the time to thoroughly cover your hands in soap and to hold them under running water while you sing “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. This gives the soap you use adequate time to do its job and to get rid of any lingering infection that you might have picked up going through your day.

A Small Step to a Healthy Life

The health of your eyes is incredibly important for daily living. By taking care to wash your hands and being aware of your hygiene, you can promote a healthier and happier lifestyle for yourself.