Vision Correction Surgery: 5 Signs it May be Right for You

Deciding whether vision correction surgery is right for you can prove to be a challenging task. When you start researching, there seems to be an endless stream of information about why you should elect to get vision correction surgery.  This is why it is important to discuss your desire to learn more about vision correction surgery with your eye care professional.  Here is a list of five signs that indicate that you may need vision correction surgery.

1. You Hate Your Eyeglasses

Many people who wear glasses can become frustrated by how easy they are to lose or break, or how they can sometimes feel uncomfortable or obstructive.  This is particularly the case for those who enjoy contact and water sports.

If you’re someone who consistently finds themselves replacing their glasses, you should consider vision correction surgery. This is also true for people who find it annoying when they have to switch between their prescription glasses and their sunglasses, or those who have trouble finding eyeglass styles that they like.

2. Lenses are Not Right for You

Contact lenses are a popular choice for those who need vision correction. However, they do require a lot of maintenance to keep your eyes healthy and can be easy to lose. In addition to this, some people may find that their eyes are agitated by the use of contacts. People who continually lose their lenses and are tired of paying for replacements, or those who find contacts uncomfortable, may be good candidates for vision correction surgery.

3. You Love Outdoor Activities

Glasses and contacts can become quite cumbersome to a large number of outdoor activities. So if you’re tired of your glasses fogging up when you’re out bird watching or your contacts are causing your eyes to itch on the ski slopes, then vision correction surgery is an excellent solution to consider.

4. Your Eyes are beginning to Show Their Age

People over the age of 40 may find that focusing on near objects has become difficult. Losing the ability to see near objects clearly is a natural part of the aging process.  However, if you feel that constantly carrying around reading glasses in order to read menus, paperwork, ingredient labels, etc. is not something you want to deal with later in life, then vision correction surgery could be a better avenue to correcting your vision without impeding your life.

5. Your Career is not Eyeglass or Contact Friendly

Many careers, particularly those in the industrial and manufacturing fields, can make it difficult to wear eyeglasses or contacts. For example, if you’re in a field that requires that you wear protective goggles or masks, having to wear eyeglasses underneath can be quite cumbersome and may negatively affect your work.  In addition, careers such as those in construction where there can be a lot of dust or debris in the air can make wearing contacts dangerous.  If your career makes it difficult to wear either eyeglasses or contacts, then corrective eye surgery is an ideal choice for you.

If any of the above factors apply to you and you want to learn more about the vision correction surgery options available to you, which may include iLASIK, then get in contact with Advanced Eye Medical. We operate in the Orange County area, and are happy to help out local and visiting patients.