Monovision Correction

The Benefits of Monovision Correction

If you struggle with close-up vision, you may benefit from monovision correction. Monovision correction is a way to treat an eye condition that occurs quite commonly: presbyopia. With this eye condition, people have issues seeing objects from up close.

Your eye doctor can come up with an individualized plan that works for your vision. Whether that is a contact lens fitting or corrective surgery, there are many solutions that can improve your quality of life.

The Different Types of Monovision Correction

Correction of your vision with monovision can be expensive and take up more time than a regular contact lens fitting. With a typical monovision lens fitting, your eye doctor will prescribe one contact lens to be used for seeing at a closer distance, and the other from a distance. If you find that this works for you, the need for additional reading glasses becomes less common and can be convenient in your lifestyle. Carrying around different pairs of glasses and knowing which ones to use at which time can be confusing, with adjusting your vision with monovision correction being less of a hassle for the patient.

Here are other methods that can be beneficial for correcting your vision with monovision:

  • Computer-monovision: Computer-monovision uses less magnification in the eye for seeing things from up close. As a result, patients are able to view objects from a mid-level distance (like the distance they are from a computer screen). However, for everyday tasks such as reading a book, they may still need their set of reading glasses. This type of monovision solution works well for people who do a lot of computer work daily, and want to improve their vision.
  • Modified monovision: In this method, patients will wear one bifocal contact lens on the weaker eye. This helps with close-up vision, and will improve depth perception and distance vision.
  • Surgical monovision: LASIK surgery can be a permanent solution to contacts that adjusts one of the eyes for seeing far-away, and the other from up close. The surgery entails work done on the cornea, and has a fast recovery time with noticeable differences happening right away. This type of surgery is done on the cornea, and people who undergo LASIK surgery usually heal quickly and see a change in their vision right away.

Is Monovision Correction Right for You?

When you see your eye doctor and try out your new solutions, you’ll notice that you will rely on your reading glasses less, but you may not have as much clarity or depth perception with your vision.

Other issues reported from people with monovision correction is that even though you can see better from up close and far away, it is still not as clear is it could be. Some patients also struggle with the loss of their depth perception, and it may interfere with their profession or daily life. Monovision correction can also be an expensive and time consuming investment if you are considering the contact lens method.

However, most patients we see feel, overall, that monovision correction works well for them and is worth the investment. LASIK surgery can be an especially effective solution that remains permanent and hassle-free. Surgery is always a major decision so be sure to consult with your eye doctor if you think this type of mono vision correction is right for you.

We hope to see you soon at Dr. Ghosheh Advanced Eye Medical! We encourage our patients to get in touch with us if they have any questions or concerns, or want to know about the latest on monovision correction.