LASIK- Most Popular Procedure Across the World

LASIK is one of the newer forms of laser eye surgery, but it has benefited tremendously from advances in eye technology and surgical procedures. This laser surgery is performed more than any other laser treatment in the world. LASIK can correct near and far-sighted vision on a permanent level.

During the procedure, your surgeon will create a flap of corneal tissue that can be replaced once the procedure is finished. This will require numbing of the eye using anesthetic drops. The eye is then held open using a speculum and the surgeon makes an incision into the cornea.

Once the flap is created, the laser is directed at the exposed cornea and the laser treatment begins. The laser beams pulses of ultra-violet light onto the cornea, under the control of a computer. The computer is programmed to determine the frequency and strength of the pulses to be used. The pulses vaporize areas of the corneal tissue, allowing it to reshape and improve its focusing abilities. Once this is done, the corneal flap is replaced and allowed to heal.

Patients are generally asked to bring a pair of dark glasses with them to use after the surgery since the eye will be very sensitive to the light. Your vision can become clear within 24 hours and you will be required to use eye drops or ointment to minimize discomfort. If treatment is required for both eyes, it is best if patients have one eye treated at a time to minimize inconvenience.

As with any other surgery, there are several risks associated with LASIK in Orange County. Some symptoms you may feel after surgery include dry eyes, fluctuating vision, or blurred vision. In some cases you may discover that the surgery has been under-corrective or over-corrective. Most complications that result from LASIK are temporary or can be treated with a second surgery.

Compared to other forms of laser eye treatments, LASIK offers a faster recovery period. Vision can be restored to 20:20 vision and results can be permanent. Just like normal-sighted people, patients that use LASIK will require the use of glasses around the age of 45. The best candidates for Lasik eye surgery are men and women over the age of 18 that have healthy eyes and have no underlying health problems. Be ready to discuss your medical history with your doctor and be sure to ask about the possible issues relating to your particular case.

Although LASIK in Orange County is an invasive procedure, it continues to be the most widely used and popular form of laser eye treatment across the world.