How Long Will My Lasik Results Last?

The one thing that keeps people from undergoing Lasik is the concern that results won’t last. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Lasik eye surgery is a procedure designed to reshape your cornea and can improve your sight for life.

Why It’s Long-Lasting

Results vary from patient to patient. Many experience lifelong benefits, but in general, it greatly diminishes your dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Its success lies in the procedure. A laser removes the tissue of your cornea 39-millionths of an inch at a time. By using such a precise measurement, it ensures maximum control over the operation and accuracy down to the smallest degree, which translates to improved vision for you.

When Lasik Isn’t Lifelong

For the most part, the effects of Lasik are permanent. That said, your eye is in a constant state of change and your vision is liable to deteriorate with age. The factors that may cause you to experience a change or require a touch-up procedure also include:

  • Eye Conditions. If you have myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism, Lasik surgery can correct them. However, your surgeon can only safely remove a certain amount of your cornea. Therefore, you’re likely to need reading glasses as you grow older.
  • If your eye prescription isn’t stable, eye surgery will not prevent your body from running its natural course.
  • Hormonal Changes. When you’re undergoing puberty, your eyes will change shape. For that reason, we do not recommend having Lasik eye surgery under the age of 18. Certain medications and pregnancy can also inflict hormonal changes, which can cause your eyes to become irritated, watery, or dry.

How to Maintain Your Results

After your surgery, it’s important to keep your eyes away from anything that could come into contact with them and cause damage. This includes soap, tap water, eye makeup, and dust, among other substances.

When you step outside, take special care to wear eye protection as recommended by your doctor.

To be safe, avoiding the following can help you maintain results:

  • Exercising for at least two days
  • Perming or dying your hair for at least ten days
  • Rubbing your eyes

Get Results That Last

Lasik eye surgery has a success rate of 96%, and our dedicated team of surgeons have had over 30 years of delivering stellar results. Enhance your vision by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Ghosheh.