Filthy Contacts May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

The Dirty Little Secret Your Lenses Aren’t Telling You

Naturally, people desire their eyesight to be clear, good and healthy. Recently, an increased amount of contact lens users have turned to Lasik treatment to improve their vision. While seeking a type of laser vision correction is hardly new, the reason behind it just may be. Stories have been circulating with concerns about a connection between contact lenses and bacterial infections. So, let’s do a little digging and laser in on the facts.

Contact Concerns

According to recent research and studies, bacteria concerns with contacts are not exactly unwarranted. In fact, one study showed that some contact wearers had three times the amount of a specific bacteria than non-contact wearers.

Just thinking about it, this isn’t completely surprising. Contact lenses come into contact. Yes, with the eyes, but often also with the hands and skin. Therefore, it only makes sense that the increased potential for bacterial infections should follow.

The most common infection linked to contacts is called keratitis. Affecting and inflaming the cornea, keratitis ranges in various types such as fungal, bacterial and amoebic. It is a serious complication that can possibly lead to corneal ulcers and impaired vision.

Proper Eye Health & Care

One common reason patients undergo Lasik treatment is because they wish to enjoy clear vision and lower, or even eliminate, their dependency on glasses or contact lenses. In order to reduce the risk of infection, contact wearers should take preventative steps such as:

  • Making sure their hands are clean before inserting lenses
  • Carefully clean, disinfect, and store contacts
  • Avoid showering or swimming with contacts in: bacteria may attach to the lenses and cause infection
  • Never sleep with contacts on

Contact Us to Gain Your Freedom from Contacts with Lasik

When it comes down to it, the potential for a bacterial infection from contact lenses is always a possibility. If you are interested in reducing your dependency on contacts, as well as enjoying clearer corrected vision, contact our laser eye center to schedule a consultation.