Do You Need Glasses? How to Find Out

Whether you’re born with eyesight that needs correcting or you develop eye issues later in life, wearing glasses may be the ideal way to correct your vision problem. It is crucial for those who need glasses to wear them in order to avoid serious and long term complications with their eyes. If you think you may need glasses it is important to speak to an eye care professional as soon as possible and get properly examined.

Two main types of vision

Nearsighted: People who are nearsighted have trouble focusing on things that are far away. Nearsighted people actually have vision that is too strong and because of this they can only focus on things right in front of them. This is why nearsighted prescription has minus signs, because your eyesight needs to be lessened in order for you to see objects that are far away.
It is important, especially for children that are nearsighted to have their vision corrected immediately, if not they run the risk of developing lazy eye, which occurs with nearsighted people that don’t get their vision corrected.

Farsighted: Farsighted people have difficulty focusing on things that are close to them. If a person is farsighted their eyes have to work overtime just to focus on things that are in front of them. This can cause fatigue, headaches and nausea.

You need glasses if:

  • You are constantly bumping into things or tripping over things.
  • You are experiencing a lot of headaches.
  • You have to sit too close to digital screens like your modem or TV.
  • You have difficulty reading.
  • You have trouble seeing far away or close up.
  • You have difficulty focusing.
  • You experience fatigue and nausea.
  • You’re constantly squinting or rubbing your eyes.
  • You find driving, especially at night difficult.

You have astigmatism which causes your vision to be blurry. Most people who have astigmatism also are far or nearsighted as well.

It is also important to make sure that your prescription or reading glasses are not too strong for you. Wearing glasses that are too strong can cause headaches, fatigue and nausea. You know your glasses are too strong if you are experiencing any of these symptoms and if you find yourself holding things too close to your face in order to focus on them. If your glasses are too strong it is important to get this corrected right away because wearing glasses that strain your eyes can weaken your eyesight further.

Be sure to have fun while getting your glasses and personalize the frames and features to your liking and specifications. Whether you choose glasses that are shatterproof or glare resistant, you should take your lifestyle and personality into account before making a decision.

Now that you know some signs that you need may need glasses be sure to schedule a consultation with an eye care professional to be properly diagnosed. If you have any further questions about getting glasses, please contact us. And to schedule, an appointment just visit