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Can Rubbing Your Eyes Harm Your Vision?

Rubbing your eyes are a natural reaction that just about everyone does.  Whether it’s because you feel like you have something in your eye, you just woke up, you are sleepy, or you feel like your eye is itchy, rubbing the eyes seems to be one of the only things that feels like an immediate […]

How iLASIK is Customized for You

If you are tired of depending on contacts and glasses, then you might be thinking of getting surgery to correct your vision. Improving your vision with Lasik surgery in Orange County can be a great option for some people and can even improve their quality of life. iLasik surgery is different from traditional types of […]

How Does Dry, Cold Weather Affect Our Eyes?

When the weather gets cold, we all remember to put on our scarves, boots and heavy coats. However, you may be forgetting to protect your eyes from the harsh weather as well. The winter season can bring about some uncomfortable and irritating symptoms for your eyes. If you ever feel like your eyes bother you […]

Eye Health: The Benefits of Crying

In today’s society, crying is often associated with a negative connotation. We try to avoid it at all costs and see it as a sign of weakness. Believe it or not, there are a multitude of reasons why crying can be beneficial to both your physical and mental health. For more information about vision health […]

7 Eye Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Whenever it comes to any kind of physical symptoms that you may experience, it can sometimes be difficult to know which symptoms are serious and which ones are temporary and may go away. For many people, it can be confusing about what warrants a trip to the emergency room, an urgent care facility, or a […]

Why Are You Seeing Stars?

Have you ever watched a cartoon and whenever a character hits their head, stars begin circling them and the character is usually a bit disoriented?  This isn’t just for comedic relief or animation.  Seeing stars in your vision is a real thing and is usually the result of some kind of head injury, trauma or […]

How Much of our Vision is Genetic?

Problems with vision can be caused by a wide array of factors. Many individuals with impaired vision suffer from impairment caused by a pre-existing genetic condition. Understanding your family history of problems with vision can best prepare you for potential outcomes in your own life. Listed below are the most common types of genetically linked […]

Why is Eye Contact So Important?

Communication is extremely important in all areas of life, including both personal and professional relationships.  Not only does communication come in the form of both verbal and written, but eye contact plays a large part in human connection and communication.  Sometimes an expression or look you give with your eyes can say more than words […]

Are E-Readers Bad for Your Eyes?

eReaders have many benefits. They are portable, have the ability to store hundreds of books on them and are more convenient to carry around. As they become more common and affordable, you may be wondering about how they affect your eyes. After all, other forms of digital screens, like smart phones, tablets, televisions and computers, […]

Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

One common facial cosmetic procedure done is eyelid surgery, also known blepharoplasty.  This is a procedure done on either the upper or lower lids to help reduce the signs of aging.  As we get older, our skin begins to lose its elasticity and sag.  In the face, this happens to the eyelids, particularly the upper […]