What Are Polarized Lenses?

woman at the beach wearing polarized lenses

Polarized lenses are not only popular among boaters, outdoor enthusiasts and fishermen but also skiers, bikers, golfers, and joggers. As the average consumer spends more time outdoors, the interest in polarized lenses and its benefits has increased. But how do polarized sunglasses work?

Polarized lenses have several benefits including reduced glare and better vision for improved safety. In this article, we discuss the basics of polarized lenses and its functionality, benefits and considerations.

How Do Polarized Lenses Work?

Polarized lenses provide glare protection to improve comfort, visibility and safety. How does it work? When sunlight reflects off a flat surface, the light is reflected in different directions. The effect is glare.

Unlike normal tinted sunglass lenses, polarized lenses block glare. A special chemical filter that is either applied or embedded in the lenses remove glare by absorbing the reflected light. Polarized lenses also reduce the visibility of images produced by LCD and LED lights and reduce eye stress.

What Are the Types of Polarization?

.75 mm polarized lenses are recommended for those who don’t need to worry about impact resistance. These polarized lenses are the best option for most casual sports like running and golf.

1.1 mm polarized lenses are recommended for high impact resistance. Even though it is thicker, these polarized lenses don’t offer better glare reduction or higher polarization.

What Are the Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses?  

Reduced Glare. Polarized lenses remove the effects of glare by blocking light reflections. This alleviate eye discomfort and squinting of the eye.

A polarized lens can reduce glare on roadways and water sources, which can improve overall safety for drivers who have struggled with vision issues. Reduced glare can also ease eye discomfort for sensitive eyes and even migraines.

For example, polarized lenses make it easier for outdoor enthusiasts such as fishermen and boaters to see in the water. Polarized lenses block light reflections and benefits fishermen and boaters to see the contents of the water instead of the sky.

Reduced Eyestrain. Exposure to glare can be eyestrain. Polarized lenses relieve eyestrain by neutralizing glare, allowing the eyes to feel more comfortable and well-rested. Polarized lenses eliminate the need to squint to see clear images and reduce uncomfortable eye health issues like irritation and headaches.

Improved Vision. Polarized lenses amplify colors and images. The level of detail is more crisp and clean.

What Are the Risks and Considerations?

Polarized lenses have several benefits but also risks and considerations. Here a few:

  • Polarized lenses reduce visibility of LCD screens. They reduce images on the screen at certain angles. Pilots and operators of heavy equipment are highly discouraged from using polarized lenses.
  • Though polarized lenses are recommended for skiing, they may compromise contrast in certain light conditions.
  • Polarized lenses are more expensive than regular lenses. This investment is worth it for individuals who need polarized lenses but might be a luxury for others who don’t.

Do I Need Polarized Lenses?

Polarized lenses are recommended for those that work around or on the water like fishermen or boaters. Polarized lenses make it easier for fishermen and boaters to view deeper into the contents of the sea.

For fishermen, polarized lenses can make a huge difference because they have a more accurate look at fish habitat. For boaters, they can recognize underwater obstacles and more complex movements under the water.

Polarized lenses, however, are not just for fishermen and boaters. Drivers often benefit from polarized lenses during road trips in the summer when horizontal rays of light are refracted from the road. Polarized lenses instantly reduce this glare and ease any eye discomfort.

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