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Our state of the art facility in Mission Viejo offers all the latest vision correction technologies under one roof.

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Cataract Surgery

Clear Lens Replacement

iLASIK is widely considered to be the safest, most effective laser vision correction surgery on the market today. Unlike traditional LASIK, iLASIK is a completely blade-free procedure. Where traditional LASIK used a metal implement to create a flap in the surface of the cornea, iLASIK uses a laser for flap creation…

Whether due to age, injury, or disease, cataracts can result in a variety of vision impairments, including blurred vision, glare, and double vision. Using the latest custom vision correction techniques, Dr. Ghosheh can break up your cataracts and replace the damaged lens with an artificial intraocular lens …

Intraocular lens implants can help patients without cataracts too. It is often an attractive option for patients over 40 who wish to be free from glasses or contact lenses, especially if laser vision correction is made difficult by extreme refractive error. Clear lens replacement is particularly effective for patients who wear bifocals…

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