Why is Keen Vision so Important to the Anaheim Ducks?

Like many other sports, ice hockey relies heavily on skill, strength, teamwork, and good eyesight. Dr. Ghosheh knows the importance of healthy eyesight, especially the essential role it plays for athletes. As the official ophthalmologist of the Anaheim Ducks, Dr. Ghosheh provides eye services for the entire team, ensuring their vision is up to par in time for the faceoff. But just how important is keen vision to the Anaheim Ducks, and hockey players in general?

Continue reading and find out the important role vision plays in a hockey player’s game.

Vision Demands in Hockey

The dynamic, fast-paced sport of hockey requires acute vision and eye-hand coordination to aid in optimal performance. Swift changes in the location of the players and the possession of the puck require keen visual observation and quick reaction times.

Visual Skills Athletes Use

Here are just a few of the skills the Anaheim Ducks and other NHL players utilize:

  • Peripheral Vision: This ability allows a person to see objects and movement from outside the central line of vision. In hockey, side vision is helpful for factors such as distinguishing teammates from opponents, helping the goalie protect the net from multiple shot angles, and assessing where the puck, goal, and other players are throughout the game.
  • Depth Perception: Depth perception is the visual ability to judge the distance between objects and to see things in three dimensions. This is crucial for hockey players when making passes to teammates and determining the speed necessary to complete a good pass.
  • Eye-Hand-Body Coordination: This ability involves how the hands and body react in response to visual information. This is essential for hockey players, as they are required to coordinate their movements while skating and controlling the puck.

Keeping the Goal of Better Vision in Sight

Dr. Ghosheh helps keep the team’s vision aimed at excellence and away from thin ice. Hockey players and athletes undoubtedly rely on their visual abilities, but clearer vision can benefit everyone.

If you would like to improve your vision or are suffering from problems with your eyesight, please contact our Mission Viejo office today. We treat the vision needs of all of our patients with the latest technology and the highest standard of care.