When Will I Know that My Glasses Are No Longer Effective?

Wearing glasses can become like second nature to most. You put them on when you need to see and your vision problems are corrected. However, your glasses won’t always correct your vision, as prescriptions tend to change over time.

Because glasses aren’t always reliable, knowing when your prescription is no longer effective is important.

Symptoms of a Changing Prescription

Your eyes can experience overall strain if the wrong prescription is being used. While it is often obvious that your glasses are no longer working properly, some symptoms can help you identify the issue:

  • Headache from straining to see
  • Dizziness or a feeling of disorientation
  • Nausea not related to any other issue
  • Vertigo not related to any other medical condition
  • Blurry or fuzzy vision

These problems may appear and go away temporarily if you are adjusting to a new prescription. But if the problems persist, it is a definite sign that your glasses aren’t effective anymore.

Wearing the Wrong Prescription can Cause Discomfort

It is a common myth that wearing the wrong prescription will ruin your eyes. This simply isn’t true. Since glasses only change the light that is refracted to your eyes, eye health will not be affected by wearing the wrong prescription. Wearing the wrong prescription will, however, cause discomfort and an inability to see clearly. Driving or other activities that require a high level of vision may become difficult or impossible. It may also lead to the symptoms mentioned above because of the intense strain being placed on the eyes in an effort to see clearly.

Reasons Why Your Prescription is Inaccurate

There are various reasons why your prescription is inaccurate. If your glasses are relatively new, the problem might lie in an error in the prescription. Maybe there was a transcription error when typing your prescription into the computer. Wrong positioning of the lenses in front of your eyes can also cause problems.

If your glasses aren’t new, aging and the changing of your eye shape over time is the likely culprit for your failing glasses. Visiting an experienced and knowledgeable eye care professional can be a quick and easy way to remedy the problem. Your ophthalmologist or optometrist can check your glasses to ensure proper prescription and proper fit.

Comprehensive Eye Care

It can be difficult to notice when your glasses are no longer effective. A small change in prescription strength may not cause any symptoms other than slightly fuzzy vision. However, a large change in prescription may cause severe symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

Your eyes change as you age, and a long-term relationship with your eye care professional is vital in keeping your vision sharp and clear. Personalized exams at a comprehensive eye care facility can help ensure you have the correct prescription. The eye care professionals at Advanced Eye Medical can help. Contact us today and ensure that your view is crystal clear.