What to Consider When Choosing Eyeglasses

Different styles of eyeglasses go in and out of trend all the time and this can make it fun but tricky to get a new pair you’ll want to last awhile without looking or feeling outdated. Based on the shape of your face, the color you choose and the price range, here are some tips to help you find the right glasses that will get you lots of compliments while remaining functional and durable.

The Right Glasses For Your Face Shape

Choosing glasses based on your face shape proves to be very important for individuals adjusting to their new glasses and feeling good about the way they fit.

If you have a round face, then choosing the opposite of this, square or very angular shaped rims on your glasses, will balance out your facial features subtly. Pairing a rounder face with round frames tends to make the roundness so pronounced that the rest of your facial features will look washed out or less significant. Balance and proportion are important not only for the body, but also for the face and eyes.

If you have an oval face, then choose frames with a strong, pronounced bridge and that look angular and dramatically shaped. This will add more symmetry for the narrow parts of your face.

If you have a heart-shaped face, then choose eyeglasses that are wider than the cheekbone to strike an elegant, symmetrical facial balance. Round glasses also draw attention away from the forehead if that is a point of self-consciousness for you as it is for many people.

Choosing Eyeglasses Based on Your Hair Color

Your hair and eye color matter significantly when being paired up with the best eyeglasses.

If you are blond, you should first determine if your hair is on the warm tone side or the cool tone side. Determining if you are cool or warm toned is the key to success in choosing your best frame color. Cool blonds have ashy undertones and lean toward the platinum end of the spectrum. Warm blonds look good with tortoise-shell colors and bolder patterns while cool blonds are better suited with black, grey or blue eyeglass frames.

If you are brunette, keep in mind cool brunettes have ashy color undertones while warm brunettes are darker with more auburn accents in their hair. Cool brunettes should pick pink or black eye glasses while warm brunettes are best suited with warm greens or off-white colors.

Redheaded individuals look great with warmer neutrals such as whites and beiges, while those with black hair should look for olive-colored glasses for a striking contrast.

Those with gray and white hair have a chance to really bring a pop of vibrant, fun color into their facial focal points by finding eyeglasses that are red, purple, or other bright energetic hues such as yellows and oranges.

Choosing Eyeglasses Based on Your Eye Color

Although this seems like it would take away from your eye color, a good trick is to keep your eyeglasses in a similar spectrum of colors as your natural eye color. This will actually accentuate your eyes and make the color that much more vibrant and bolder.

For hazel eyes, try amber colors to bring out the flecks of gold in your natural eyes. For brown eyes, consider sepia tones or darker greens. For blue eyes, coordinate with blue and grey shades for your eyeglass frames.

There is no right or wrong color, but following these guidelines will help you stay within the realm of your natural, personal color palette and will make the transition of implementing your new glasses into your wardrobe and routine much easier.

Price Range and Lifestyle

Everyone’s eyes are unique and it’s good to ask medical professionals such as the eye specialists at Advanced Eye Medical about what styles and frames are best for you. Your vision should be kept a priority in your life and finding the best eyeglasses for you can be tough but, in the end, beneficial for your eyes, your self-esteem, and your wardrobe.