What is Cataract Surgery Recovery Like?

Very few things are as important as your vision, and if you have noticed that yours is not as good as it once was, you might need to consider cataract surgery. You will want to visit your eye doctor to confirm that this is the best option for you and that it will end up benefitting you after you have gone through the surgery.

How long will it take me to recover?

If you are worried about how the surgery will affect you and what kind of problems you might have to deal with afterward, you should know that almost all surgeries are successful and easy to recover from. Your vision may be cloudy and blurry for a while after the surgery, and you will most likely have to spend some time resting for an hour or so before you begin to see more clearly. Some patients might even have to deal with a black eye if they have had an injection of anesthesia.

You’ll want to keep in mind that every patient tends to heal differently after surgery, so if you’ve noticed that your vision hasn’t healed up after a few hours, don’t be alarmed. However, if you are still having problems the next day then it might be a good idea to contact your doctor. After about a month, you should be back to normal and seeing better than ever before.

How can I ensure my surgery goes well?

There are some little things you can do in order to make sure that your surgery goes as smoothly as possible. Oftentimes, it simply requires you to be aware that you have undergone surgery and to take care of yourself.

The first day of your procedure, you will want to have someone drive you home so you can rest your eyes and you don’t have to deal with the stress of getting from one location to another. Over the next few weeks, you’ll want to refrain from any heavy lifting or other activities that require you to strain yourself.

One of the major problems you might face when you are dealing with recovery is an infection. Fortunately, it rarely occurs and you can take steps to prevent having to treat it. You will want to avoid touching your eyes as much as possible and avoid spending time in areas where you can expose your eyes to dust and wind. Swimming or using a hot tub can also cause infections, and you’ll want to avoid bending over if possible to keep pressure from forming on your eye.

You’ll also want to limit the amount of time you spend on the computer or watching TV.

With these steps, it should take you only about a month to recover from cataract eye surgery and you can get back to enjoying your healthy lifestyle.

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