Traditional vs. Custom LASIK Eye Surgery: Which Should You Choose?

Choosing to receive laser eye surgery is a big step in your journey to better vision. But choosing whether to receive traditional laser surgery or custom LASIK surgery is another decision you need to make.

Both traditional and custom LASIK options are sound investments, but LASIK is known to cost more; at least the rate of several hundred dollars per eye. However, custom LASIK surgery uses a much higher quality of technology. Like buying a newer model computer, custom LASIK surgery will definitely bring about better outcomes and a better quality of vision, particularly when it comes to night vision and processing many objects in front of your eyes at once.

With that in mind, here are some notable differences between traditional laser eye surgery and custom LASIK surgery, so that you can decide which works best for you.

Differences in Measurement

When performing traditional laser eye surgery, the surgeon will measure the patient’s prescription using the same methods that they would use to determine measurements for prescription-strength glasses and contacts. These measurements help to efficiently and cost effectively help the surgeon to reshape a patient’s cornea.

In contrast, during a custom LASIK approach, a surgeon will create a comprehensive map of the individual patient’s eye, and will then use that custom road map to guide him or her through the procedure.

This makes the traditional laser eye surgery sufficient for treating lower grade issues such as myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. But when a custom map of your eye is necessary and you have a less obviously discernible eye issue, custom LASIK surgery can determine the issue and utilize the map of your eye to fix it.

Wavefront Technology – Traditional & LASIK Eye Surgery

Wavefront technology is fundamentally what separates traditional laser eye surgery and custom LASIK surgery. This technology creates a map of your eye to determine the most accurate description. The technology has been used in the past by astronomers and scientists to adjust the optics of telescopes and microscopes, and has been adapted to measure the accuracy of human vision for LASIK eye surgery.

Determining whether you will need use of this technology is the best way to know whether you should go with traditional laser surgery or custom LASIK surgery. Keep in mind that in many cases, traditional laser surgery will be sufficient, but your medical professional may recommend a more robust treatment plan depending on the severity of your issues.

If you believe you may be in need of traditional laser eye surgery or custom LASIK surgery, get in contact with experienced team of ophthalmologists and optometrists at Advanced Eye Medical today.