Top 11 Daily Struggles That People with Glasses Face

Sure, it’s become a hipster thing to wear glasses. But so many of those hipsters don’t absolutely need the glasses to see. Millions of people rely on glasses to see, but glasses can be as agonizing as they are helpful. Bespectacled people everywhere face struggles with their glasses everyday, but 11 of these struggles are worse than others.

11 Daily Struggles People With Glasses Have

1.   Laying Down

Trying to lay down with glasses is inconvenient. You can’t lay on your side because your glasses will be crooked. If you fall asleep watching TV while wearing glasses, you’ll wake up with indents on your face and permanent bends in your glasses.

2.   Weather

Whether it’s snow or rain or mist, it will end up on your glasses. Tiny water droplets will stick to your lenses and cloud your vision, and you’ll need to remove your glasses constantly to remove the precipitation.

3.   Fog

Hot weather can cause your glasses to fog up. Walking from the cold outside into a warm room can cause your glasses to heat up. Drinking coffee and cooking over a hot stove can cause your glasses to fog up. There are many fog triggers for glasses.

4.   Price

A nice, attractive pair of glasses can cost $200 and up, depending on brand and lense type. If you want to wear contacts, you double your expenses. This expense is recurring because you’ll want and need new glasses every couple of years.

5.   Sunglasses

Sunglasses are impossible for people who wear glasses. Prescription sunglasses are a possibility, but you’ll pay dearly for them. If you do manage to get prescription sunglasses, you’ll have to switch back and forth between your different glasses each time you go indoors or outdoors.

6.   Glare

Standing in the sun, standing in front of a bright light or the flash of a camera can all cause awful glare from your glasses. Driving in the sun is difficult, driving at night is dangerous and having clear lenses in a photo is impossible. Some lenses reduce glare, but they can be expensive and they will not get rid of glare entirely.

7.   Losing Them

We’ve all seen Scooby Doo, and we all laugh at Velma each time she loses her glasses. It’s funny until it happens to you. Folks with glasses often have to worry about losing their glasses at an inconvenient time. If you do accidentally misplace your glasses, you’ll be walking around blind until you can grab a replacement pair.

8.   Exercise

With exercise comes sweat, and with sweat comes slipping and fogging glasses. If you run or do another high-impact exercise, your glasses might bounce and make you feel disoriented. Doing push-ups can result in your glasses falling off completely. Glasses are definitely a needless worry while working out.

9.   Showers

You have two options: shower with your glasses on and have them covered in distracting water droplets, or take them off and essentially go blind. Keeping them on is a risk because you don’t want to damage them and they’ll get in the way, but if you take them off, you’ll barely be able to read the shampoo bottle.

10.   Sun

Glare isn’t the only problem that the sun imposes on eyeglass wearers. You also have to worry about the dreaded glasses tan. Even if you have thin frames, they will still leave a mark from the sun. Sunscreen can help, but getting it too close to your eyes can be dangerous and painful.

11.   Nerd Status

Bespectacled people are often labeled as nerds or geeks. Some glasses might make you look smarter and more modern, but the wrong pair glasses can have the opposite effect. People who wear glasses are often teased and bullied more in their younger years, and that self-consciousness about their vision can carry over into the adult years.

Let LASIK End Your Struggle

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