Life After LASIK

Congratulations! After years of wondering where you left your glasses, you finally went through with getting LASIK eye surgery. You can’t wait to see what the world looks like with 20/20 vision. Before you drive at night to see a 3D movie in celebration, there are a few important points you should know about.

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Immediately After Surgery

You will spend 2-3 hours at the surgery center on the day of your procedure. You will need to plan for someone to drive you to and from the center. After your surgery you will go home to rest and sleep for the rest of the day in order to heal. You will experience improved vision immediately and your vision will continue to improve over the next few days.

The Day After Surgery

The day after surgery, you will visit your doctor for your postoperative appointment. LASIK surgery does not carry a lot of risks, but it will be important to know that everything is working properly. During this appointment your doctor will simply check on the condition of your eyes, and make sure everything is healing according to schedule. This appointment should have been scheduled at the same time that you scheduled your LASIK surgery appointment. You may return to work the day after your surgery.

The Week After Surgery

Because a new part of your cornea is now encountering the atmosphere, you may experience burning, stinging, and pain in your eyes for about a week after your surgery. Because most of us are not used to really feeling anything at all in our eyes, this can be nerve wracking. Just know that this symptom is to be expected and you should not worry about it.

Red Eyes

Redness of the eyes is another normal side effect of LASIK surgery. If you feel a social stigma or it is bothersome to you in any way, you can request eye drops from your doctor to reduce the redness. If you think this side effect is lasting too long, get in touch with your doctor. Although it is probably nothing, you want to make sure you are not experiencing a more serious reaction to surgery.

Eye Makeup

After LASIK surgery you should not apply any eye makeup such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, or mascara. You won’t need to avoid it forever, but it can really harm your eyes immediately after surgery as your eyes adjust. How long you need to go without your makeup depends on your individual case. Make sure to discuss this with your doctor and get his or her permission before your start applying it again.

Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

For a period after your LASIK surgery, you will need to stay out of pools and jacuzzies. Period. You can’t go in from the waist down. You can’t wear goggles. Not at all. If even a drop of chlorine gets in your eye, you are in serious trouble. This is a strict requirement that lasts for the immediate recovery period. Ask your doctor when it is safe for you to swim again.

An Opportunity to Quit Smoking

By now you know that smoking is really bad for you. Whether you smoke cigarettes, marijuana, or even vape, you will need to quit at least temporarily after your LASIK surgery. This is because smoke is especially irritating to your eyes, making it one of the most important things to avoid. Other irritants to avoid include dust, dirt, and other air pollutants. If you do quit smoking you will not only be saving your eyes, but your heart and lungs as well.

Orange County LASIK Eye Surgery

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Is LASIK Surgery Safe?

Many people with vision issues have looked to LASIK as a possible solution to their problems. But the question is always asked, is LASIK surgery safe? The quick answer is yes. However, as with any surgical procedure, there are some risks, but a majority of those that have undergone the procedure have seen great results and are happy with their decision to get LASIK.

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What You Need to Know

According to the American Refractive Surgery Council, the LASIK procedure was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1999, and has been an available procedure for about 20 years. They site its popularity as a successful, safe and effective procedure for its longevity.

According to recent data provided by the ARSC, more than 16 million LASIK procedures have been performed in the United States. They point to clinical data showing a 96% patient satisfaction rate, due in part to the low incidence of complications from this procedure. LASIK has been one of the most studied procedures in eye care and the rate of complications is estimated at less than one percent.

The Procedure

The LASIK procedure is extremely advanced. LASIK uses computer technology to reshape the cornea with microscopic precision. This precision and accuracy is really what makes the procedure one of the safest available.

Probably the biggest fear of most potential LASIK patients is moving during the surgery and the risks associated with that movement. One of the safety elements of the procedure is a tracking system that is built into the laser that is following your eye. If you move for any reason, that laser will temporarily turn off. Once you are comfortable again and repositioned where you need to be, the laser will resume its work.

Post Procedure

As with any surgical procedure, there is a recovery time and a healing process that bring potential side effects. Some people will experience dry eye, glare or they might see halos as they heal. These issues typically resolve over time or with specific treatment.

If LASIK is something you are considering, it is important to do your own research and speak with a qualified medical professional so you understand all of the benefits, risks and the recovery process as well. Once you know what is involved and what to expect, you will have a better understanding of what you need to do to prepare so you can have the best results possible.

It’s also important to understand that not everyone is a candidate for the LASIK procedure. It is estimated that approximately 20% of those wishing to have the LASIK procedure done, are in fact, not suitable candidates. There are a variety of reasons someone might be disqualified from getting LASIK such as a damaged cornea or more serious chronic health condition like diabetes or an autoimmune disease.

For most patients post-LASIK, the recovery is quick, and people can resume their normal activities in a couple of days. However, the full healing process can take anywhere from three to six months as patients will begin to see their vision gradually improve. Again, it’s important to do your own research so you know what to expect.

LASIK Surgery in Orange County

Just like any health checkup, it is important to get your eyes checked regularly. If you are wondering if LASIK surgery in Orange County might be an option for you, visit Dr. Ghosheh and his team at Advanced Eye Medical. Don’t let issues with your vision hold you back. Schedule your consultation today.

Lasik Recovery

Many people are unsure whether or not to undergo Lasik surgery. Aside from the pre-procedure jitters, many can agree on the benefits of the Lasik procedure. The Lasik process is a simple outpatient procedure that has proven results and success for many patients. It is important to flesh out the Lasik recovery process to overcome any reservations you may have. There have been millions of Lasik patients whose lives have been transformed with their improved eyesight. Why not revamp your vision with Lasik eye surgery?

Lasik Surgery

Lasik Surgery is done as a quick, outpatient procedure. Initially, the patient’s eyesight deficiencies are clearly pinpointed through a 3-D wavescan map. Numbing drops are then placed in both eyes to prepare for the surgery. After the drops have properly numbed the area, the doctor will then create a corneal flap with the laser. Once the corneal flap is lifted, all mild to severe vision deficiencies will be corrected through this procedure. Then the flap will be placed back to finish the Lasik process. After the procedure, the doctor will place a shield over the eyes to further protect the results.

Lasik Recovery

Immediately after the Lasik procedure, the recovery process begins. After the surgery, the patients will be given eye drops to avoid infections and inflammation. Patients are able to return to work same day with this easy outpatient procedure. 24 hours after the procedure, the doctor will schedule a follow-up appointment to evaluate the patient’s progress thus far. It is crucial to develop a relationship with your Lasik doctor to make sure your recovery is on the right track. Vision will still be adjusting days after surgery, but rest assured that most patients experience results within the first week of the Lasik procedure.

Lasik’s Proven Success!

According the FDA, studies have shown that more than 95% of patients of the Lasik eye surgery have been satisfied with their vision. This study also noted that 99% of patients within the study did not experience any problems with their vision after the procedure. Around 95.4% of Lasik patients, worldwide, reported satisfaction with the Lasik eye surgery, as found in a study done by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. In another study done by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, it was noted that within a three-year time frame, patient satisfaction grew greater and greater each year.

Recovery Tips 

To ensure a smooth recovery, here are some helpful tips to heal your eyesight with ease. It is important to adjust your lifestyle when recovering from Lasik eye surgery. Follow your doctor’s instructions to ensure a seamless recovery. Apply eye drops and artificial tear drops as prescribed and directed by your doctor. Do not rub your eyes at all after surgery, they are in the midst of healing and should be left entirely alone. Soap and water should be strictly kept out of eyes within the first week. If you at work staring at a screen or just at home staring at your phone, breaks should be incorporated into your day. Staring at electronic screens can cause dryness within the eyes which may alter your recovery process.

Avoid any hot tubs, swimming pools and any areas where bacteria can grow. Do not partake in any intense sports or activities that may cause sweat to enter your eyes. No makeup or eye creams should be applied within a week after the procedure. Make sure that sunglasses are being worn to protect against any harmful UV rays when outside. Protecting your eyes is key to a successful recovery.

The Lasik procedure continues to be a simplistic procedure, with a speedy recovery period and proven success. If you are open to all the beneficial results that the Lasik eye procedure has to offer, contact Dr. Ghosheh. Evaluate your candidacy and improve your vision with Lasik at Advanced Eye Medical Group.