Strides to Better Vision: Artificial Corneal Transplant with Human Cells

It is a fact that corneal blindness may affect up to 10 million people worldwide. According to the Eye Bank Association of America, there were about 52,000 corneal transplants performed in 2008, in the United States. Most specialists prefer to attempt corneal transplants by replacing them with corneal donor grafts. If the donor graft does not perform well then the patient is able to receive more donor tissue or an artificial implant of keratoprosthesis.

We recently found an article in the Euro Weekly that one such corneal transplant combined an artificial implant with human cells. The artificial cornea, comprised of two different human cells and bio-material of nano-technology, was designed by the Faculty of Histology at Granada University in Spain. The patient was suffering from corneal fibrosis, a serious condition that prevented him from seeing objects and colors.

After the operation, the patient reported that he gained significant relief in about 48 hours.

Is This A New Breakthrough?

For now it is too soon to tell if this procedure is effective for worldwide treatment. It was the first of its kind to use human cells with a corneal implant, but clinical trials are in need to determine its credibility. This technique is not likely to cure blindness, but the procedure is said to help alleviate pain, irritation and improve sight to a certain extent.

Our Corneal Correction

Most of our clients undergo conservative methods, such as wearing contact lenses and corrective eyewear. However, more serious problems require a full cornea transplant. In a corneal transplant procedure, more than half of damaged cornea is removed and replaced with a clear and healthy cornea.

Over time your vision will gradually improve, but the end result could take up to a year to regain stable vision.

New studies are being held to test the durability of combined human cells with corneal implants, but until then our traditional method has been the most effective in alleviating eye-related diseases. If you are struggling with your vision, schedule an appointment at Advanced Eye Medical Group and learn about the effects of corneal transplants.