Seeing is Believing: Fountain of Youth Meets Functionality with Eyelid Surgery in Orange County

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery or eye ‘lift’) is the common cosmetic procedure what removes or tightens the delicate, saggy skin around eyes, ultimately resulting in a more rested, refreshed, and rejuvenated appearance. Unsightly bagginess and puffiness, including superfluous skin, is extracted from the upper and lower lids (if necessary). The procedure boasts not only a multitude of beauty benefits, but functional and health ones as well.  If you are looking for a beautiful eyelid surgery in Orange County, let’s take a look at what exactly you can expect.

Eye for Beauty:  Peepers that “Pop!”

As bruising and swelling recede and incision lines begin to refine and rescind (which usually take close to a full year following surgery), the beautifying results of your eyelid surgery will reveal a more lifted, alert, and youthful-looking appearance. The eye’s surrounding area will resemble a smoother, more defined contour, and usually lasts roughly 5-10 years before a touch-up is needed, as the inevitability of the natural aging process is to be expected.  When undergoing eyelid surgery on lower lids, extraneous fatty deposits that have collected over time are removed to eliminate that dreadful, “too-tired” look. Dependent of the wishes of each individual patient, either the upper lids are lifted and superficial skin removed, or bagginess and puffiness is removed from lower lids.  In some instances, both upper and lower lids simultaneously undergo a complete, eye-opening makeover moment. The get-gorgeous goal is to eliminate the sags and bags that prematurely age the delicate tissue around the eye area, illuminating and renewing the aesthetics of the upper face.  Time to unpack your baggage and get pretty, pop-worthy peepers!

Benefits Beyond Beauty:  When Pretty Meets Practical

For some, blepharoplasty isn’t exactly a get-gorgeous gratuitous choice or vain indulgence in the current cosmetic craze, but a necessary evil.  In older patients, undergoing eye lid surgery removes that lax, excess skin that hangs over the eye, partially impeding vision, particularly of the peripheral variety.  Post-surgery, patients have experienced a dramatic improvement in their field of vision.

Reconstructive eyelid surgery also reverses blepharochalasis, which is an expansion of the eye’s orbital system and preseptal muscles, resulting in comprised tightening of muscles around the eyeball.  Moreover, an ophthalmologist may recommend eyelid surgery for ptosis, or excessive drooping of eyelid, which is sometimes congenital, worsening as the one ages.  When lower edge of eyelid falls too low, covering a part of the eye’s pupil, vision can be impaired, as well as the greatening the difficulty of inserting contact lenses properly.

A patient who recently underwent cataract surgery may develop subsequent sagginess and droopiness in their upper eyelids due to internal manipulation of connective tissue, and so would be an excellent candidate for eyelid surgery. This manipulation of underlying connective tissue can cause cumulative weakening of the eye muscles that involuntarily support and hold the eye open. Stroke and trauma victims are also likely to experience ptosis, thus benefiting in an eyelid surgery procedure. Prolonged and excessive exposure to eye allergens, also known as edema, increases puffiness and on-going, acute irritation to bother upper and lower eyelids, which can also be reversed and repaired with functional-based eyelid surgery.

Finally, functional-based eyelid surgery can restore eyelid integrity and structure that have been compromised through removal of basal cell carcinoma, melanoma, or other common skin cancers.  For those who have experienced an unfortunate bout of Bell’s palsy (facial palsy), eyelid surgery can treat and maintain eye health and fundamental functionality by re-contouring and correcting upper eyelid retraction, as well as lower lid ectropion, the condition where eyelid is turned outward and away from the eyeball.

Whether your eyelid surgery concerns are functional or beauty –based, inconspicuous incisions are made within the natural creases of the skin around the eye, lending to utmost personal discretion and a virtual flawless outcome.

To learn more about eyelid surgery in Orange County, contact Advanced Eye Medical today.  Come see for yourself!