DWQA QuestionsWill taking any medication for ADHD disqualify you from Air Force flight School?
Anonymous Staff asked 2 years ago

 My son was diagnosed with ADHD in the 6th grade and was prescribed medication. In order to qualify for a waiver of this condition as a disqualifier for the Air Force Academy, he went off the drugs for two years in high school and did well. He received a medical waiver but not in time for the Academy. He is now in a civilian college in ROTC. He wants to go back on medication. Will going back on now disqualify him when he graduates, wants a commission and entrance to flight /pilot school? Are there a specific list of drugs that disqualify or will any drug prescribed for ADHD, regardless of what it is, disqualify him for a waiver? What if he is prescribed a drug but ostensibly it is for something else? Specifically, what about Provigil–ADHD is an off-label application.