How to Protect Your Child from Common Eye Disorders

 The Most Common Eye Health Issues Experienced by Young Kids

Common Eye Disorders in Young Children

  • Nearsightedness and Farsightedness
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye) refers to either a viral or bacterial infection (both very contagious), or an allergic reaction (not contagious).
  • Chalazion looks like a small lump on the eyelid, and may occur when a Meibomian gland (an oil-secreting gland in the eyelid) becomes clogged. It is not caused by infection.
  • Stye looks like a red, sore lump near the edge of the eyelid; it is caused by an infected eyelash follicle.
  • Orbital Cellulitis is an infection related to trauma, an upper respiratory infection or an eyelid infection.
  • Blocked Tear Duct occurs when the eye’s drainage system for tears is either partially or completely obstructed. Tears cannot drain normally, causing a watery, irritated or chronically infected eye.

 Signs & Symptoms of Vision Disorders

Here are some signs and symptoms that parents should look for if their child has a vision disorder:

  • Crawling incorrectly.
  • Bumping into furniture or walls.
  • Losing balance when standing up from a sitting position.
  • Holding objects close to their nose to see.
  • Rubbing eyes a lot.
  • Squinting frequently.
  • Using only one eye and covering the other.
  • Not focusing the eyes together

A comprehensive children’s eye exam at Advanced Eye Medical will help diagnose and treat eye disorders at an early age.

What Parents Can Do to Help Their Children’s Eyes Stay Healthy

Stay Informed. Listen to the recommendations of your child’s pediatrician and eye care professional as what your child needs. If he or she needs glasses just for class, then they should wear them only for those purposes. If the doctor recommends they wear them for sports, they should wear them only for sports and vision safety.

Parents’ biggest role in their children’s eye health is compliance with the doctor’s recommendation for their child. It’s not going to work if a prescribed pair of glasses are on the desk at home — not making it to the classroom — and the child is still squinting at school to read the whiteboards.

Encourage Kids to Wear Sunglasses. Sunglasses are essential for protecting eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses should be worn whenever you’re outdoors during the daytime and this should be a practice that comes as second nature to the whole family.

Teach Your Kids About Eye Anatomy. If you want your kids to understand more about their eye health issues, it is a good idea to educate them about the eye. Teaching your kids about eye anatomy can peak their interest and curiosity, and will help them better understand the importance of good eye care habits — along with the consequences of bad eye care habits.

Encourage Cleanliness. Proper cleanliness and hygiene is something that most parents are vigilant about, but it’s important to remember this mentality extends to the eyes as well. We all remind our kids to brush their teeth but cleaning their eyelids are just as important to prevent infections and protect vision.

Inspire a Healthy Diet. Healthy eyes start with a good diet. It’s not just carrots that help your eye sight — dark green leafy vegetables, fish, nuts and dark-colored berries all contain essential nutrients and antioxidants that will do wonders for your eyes. Vitamin A, for example, is commonly found in bright yellow and orange vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes. Fruits like strawberries, oranges and mangoes provide vitamin C and other antioxidants, which also help fight eye disease. Salmon and other cold-water fish are also high in omega 3’s — good for tear production, which relieves dry eyes.

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