Preventing Eye Strain

How to Avoid Eye Strain at Work

Spending hours on the computer can be damaging for your eyes and can lead to other problems down the line. If you are feeling the negative effects of long hours spent straining your eyes at the screen, you will be happy to know that there are simple steps to help save your eyes in the long-term.

Consider these tips and tricks in the office to relieve your eyes throughout the work day:

Get regular eye exams

Schedule regular eye exams to measure whether or not your eyesight is deteriorating from staring at the screen. Request the most comprehensive eye exam available in order to know exactly what changes your eyes are experiencing, and to learn how you can address them. Make sure to have an appointment with your eye doctor at least once a year to check how your eyes are doing.

Use proper lighting

Working only by the light of your computer screen can often cause problems that will negatively affect you for the rest of your life. The best thing you can do is to have overhead lighting available, as well as a lamp, so that your eyes will be less strained. The extra lighting can make a considerable difference and can be more comfortable for your eyes when you aren’t reading text on the screen.

Make sure to take breaks

One of the best ways to avoid eye strain is to make sure to take short breaks every now and then from your screen. Taking a short walk outside or a coffee break can help you recollect your thoughts and allows your eyes to readjust to something else. It usually doesn’t take long to rest your eyes—you might only need ten or fifteen minutes to rest your eyes enough.

Upgrade your display

The best thing to do when you are unable to leave your computer is to look into upgrading your display. While it may cost a little more, many businesses are willing to cover the cost in order to save their employees from straining their eyes. There are a number of good products out there that can make it easier on your eyes. It’s usually worth the initial investment in order to save your eye health. If you are looking for a replacement, an LCD screen is a much better option.

You can also adjust your display to be brighter or darker depending on what you feel would be better for your eyes. Adjusting font size can also help for those who struggle with reading small type.

Schedule an exam with Dr. Ghosheh

If you are suffering from eye strain at work, schedule an eye exam with Dr. Ghosheh today. For this and all other eye health concerns, contact the caring eye specialists at Advanced Eye Medical Group.