Lasik Surgery or Contact Lenses? The Choice May Be Easier Than You Think

If you’re still on the fence between Lasik surgery and contacts, here’s some food for thought. People with contact lenses are at higher risk for eye infection. In fact, approximately one million people in America take a trip to the emergency room every year for that very issue, according to Pioneer News.

Watch What Comes in Contact with Your Eye

You may not know it, but your eye has a community of bacteria similar to the function of antibodies, which fight viruses and other foreign invaders. By inserting something into your eye, there’s a real chance of upsetting that sensitive ecosystem, which can result in infection and inflammation. When the American Society of Microbiology conducted a test, they found that lens-wearers’ eyes had bacteria typically found on their skin.

 The Causes

The primary cause is elementary, really. Eye infection can come from placing your finger in your eye, especially unwashed. Prolonged use of contact lenses beyond what is recommended is another culprit. It’s also speculated that lenses prefer skin bacteria over the ones in your eye.

The Potential Consequences

What can contact lenses do to you? Well, on the plus side, they improve your vision without the need for glasses. On the negative side, however, they can be a risk factor for:

  • This is when your cornea suffers from inflammation.
  • Also known as pinkeye, this is when the whites of your eye look light red or, like its name suggests, pinkish.
  • Many other eye diseases and infections. This includes endophthalmitis, which is an inflammatory condition that affects your eye’s internal coating.

Solve the Problem and Eliminate the Risks with Lasik

Unlike contacts, Lasik surgery has far more benefits. Proven to work, it comes with little to no discomfort and has the potential to last permanently. Dr. Ghosheh at Advanced Eye Medical, a leading expert in the field, has performed this procedure with great results on several Orange County residents. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 888-439-6565 or contact us online.