When is iLasik the Best Choice for You?

What is iLasik and is it Right for You?

Are you tired of fumbling around with your glasses, or paying for new contact lenses? iLasik may be able to help. iLasik is a laser vision correction surgery that’s been available since 2001. In all those years, the procedure has been performed on millions of patients – with great success!

How it Works

A series of tests are conducted on each eye with Advanced CustomVue ® Wavescan technology to create a personalized 3D map. The Wavescan is 25 times more accurate than the current instruments used to measure your eyes for glasses and contacts, ensuring that every unique characteristic is captured. The map is then used as a guide to drive the laser. All lasers used in the procedure are FDA approved.

iLasik procedures are 100% blade free, and there is no exception  in creating the corneal flap: a thin flap of tissue that’s held back during the surgery. An Intralase laser creates a precise flap by producing small bubbles in the cornea.

Finally, a VISX STAR S4™ excimer laser is used to reshape your eye. This laser can cover the broadest range of vision problems, including:

  • Farsightedness
  • Near-sightedness
  • Astigmatism – a refractive error where rays of light don’t converge on a focal point on the retina.

How is iLasik Different?

iLasik is the first procedure to be 100% personalized to the unique characteristics of each eye, and the only laser eye surgery method to be NASA approved. With traditional Lasik surgery, the risks can include overcorrection, undercorrection, and additional astigmatism. By producing a completely personalized map of your eye, these risks are significantly reduced. The Intralase laser-created corneal flap lowers the risk of infection and excess tears. It is one of the safest medical procedures in the world, and only takes seconds to correct each eye. After the surgery, you can return to work as soon as the next day.

Is it Right for You?

The majority of people who meet these basic age and health requirements are good candidates for this procedure:

  • Must be 21 years or older
  • Have good general health
  • Do not suffer from any existing eye diseases
  • Are open to taking consistent prescriptions for at least one year

Starting around age 40, most adults begin to have difficulty reading small fonts or doing close-up tasks. This is caused by Presbyopia, a condition that may worsen until age 65. For them, a possible solution other than iLasik could be in monovision correction, which makes adjustments to each eye. Always consult a doctor about your options before making any definitive decisions.

When is iLasik the Best Choice?

iLasik is the best choice for people who need a prescription and want to live life without glasses or contacts. The procedure is the safest on the market for permanent vision correction. Our dedicated team of doctors are available any time to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us today.