How To Properly Clean Your Eyeglasses

Through the ins and outs of life, your eyeglasses are likely to get dirty. Whether it’s a night out on the town or a day at work, the turmoil and rituals of daily existence bring on clutter that can leave your eyeglasses foggy and dilapidated. Fortunately, there are many methods you can use to bring your eyeglasses back into a state of cleanliness. Here are four tips you can use to make sure that your eyeglasses are clean at the end of a hard day’s work and ready for use, the next morning.

Rinse your Eyeglasses with Tap Water

One of the easiest and most effective ways to clean your eyeglasses is to rinse both the front and back of the lenses with tap water. This will allow the dirt and grime to dissolve without the need for using expensive cleaners or taking them into an eyeglasses specialist. While this will only remove superficial stains, tap water is typically effective for daily cleaning.

Use a Quality Cloth

When cleaning your eyeglasses, make sure that you use the correct type of cloth. Anything made of tissue, wool, or synthetic fabrics has a strong chance of scratching your eyeglasses, doing permanent damage to the lenses. Instead, use a microfiber cloth, which can remove oily stains and smudges without scratching your lenses. This is because of the tightness of the fabric weave and the soft material that it is made out of.

Wipe Your Eyeglasses Off Correctly

One of the biggest causes of damage to eyeglasses is using an improper motion to clean them, particularly, if you wipe roughly back and forth across the lenses. To clean your eyeglasses most effectively, and avoid doing accident damage to the frames, you should gently wipe from one side of the frame to the other, both on the front and back. Make sure to also clean the hinges, screws and nose pads of your eyeglasses as well, as the oils from your face and wear them down over time.

Invest in Some Eyeglass Cleaning Solution

While tap water will usually do the trick, oils from your face can stick on to your eyeglass frames if you’re not careful. Eyeglass liquid clean is specially made for eyeglasses, and can help you clean the oil stains and smudges off of your eyeglass lenses. While you can purchase eyeglass cleaner at any drug store, you can also make your own by mixing rubbing alcohol and tap water.

It is essential for you to clean your eyeglasses with extreme regularity. Failure to do so will certainly have serious consequences for the state of your eyeglasses. If you have any further questions or concerns about eyeglasses, hygienic and maintenance, you should consult us today for further information.