How Long Does it Take to Adjust to Monovision Correction?

Whether you have just undergone monovision LASIK or other monovision correction, or you’re discussing the procedure with your eye care specialist, you’re probably wondering how long it will take your eyes to adjust. As you are probably aware, monovision correction is the process by which the dominant eye is adjusted for distance vision, and the non-dominant eye is adjusted for close-up activities including reading or working on the computer.

Types of Monovision Correction

This is usually accomplished either through surgery, or with corrective contact lenses. With monovision correction, the non-dominant eye is adjusted depending on whether or not you were far or near-sighted. This correction sounds like it would ruin your vision, but in fact, it is a great option for those who either cannot, or do not wish to wear bifocal lenses.

During the adjustment period, you may experience difficulties such as reading from a distance, or nighttime driving, and you may notice a delay in focusing from near objects to distant objects, but thankfully these side effects pass quickly.

Monovision correction is such an amazing option because, after a period of time, your brain will actually rewire itself to automatically select the appropriate image for the appropriate distance. This amazing feat of neuroplasticity actually allows the patient to achieve relatively normal eye function, without bifocal contacts or glasses. This is all possible because of the brain’s unique relationship with the eye. Our brain automatically fills in gaps in our vision, as well as processes away things like our nose that we see all the time, but fail to notice.

How Much Time Will I Need?

By now of course, the big question in most people’s mind is of course “how long?” There is a readjustment period following any monovision correction, whether surgical or otherwise. However, it is a relatively brief recovery period. For most people, the adjustment takes less than a month, and often no more than a few weeks.

Studies have shown that the time to adjust varies from person to person, but it can be shortened tremendously. If you do not compare the differences in your vision, keep both eyes open while looking at objects, and by not dwelling on the disparity in your vision. Do that, and before you know it, there won’t be a noticeable disparity anymore as your eyes and mind will have adjusted accordingly.

Get to Know Your Correction Options

If you’re thinking about monovision correction, talk to your doctor and see if it’s right for you. For almost everyone, monovision correction comes with a short readjustment period, and years of benefits. With something as important as your vision on the line, isn’t a few weeks getting used to a new way of seeing things worth it?

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