Achieving Good Eye Health for Strong and Focused Eyes

For most people, seeing is an ordinary subconscious experience that we take for granted. But your eyes are exposed muscles that undergo challenges due to aging, environment, and straining every day. Learn some ways to prevent damage or injury to your eyes and to keep them healthy and strong long-term.

Eating Well for Good Eye Health

Your eyes need lutein, omega 3 fatty acids and beta-carotene, which can be found in many nutritious and delicious foods. Incorporating these foods into your diet will prevent your eyes from weakening over time and keep them healthy.

Lutein is a type of antioxidant that protects your eye cells, and there are many luteins in foods such as arugula, Swiss chard, and cabbage. Carrots have beta-carotene in them that promote healthy, strong vision, and provide vitamin A to your eyes, as well to avoid the development of cataracts or serious forms of blood damage in the eye.

Sweet potatoes similarly have this effect with lots of vitamin A. Oily fish, such as salmon, has plenty of omega-3s, which can help improve poor vision as it also contains lots of zinc. Eggs are similarly high in zinc and are an easy, affordable option. Eggs also contain omega-3s and lutein, which is an added bonus. Eating almonds regularly is also great for your vision because they’re high in vitamin E, which can help slow macular degeneration.

Eating well boosts your immunity, your strength and the overall health of your body, and this very much includes your eyesight and eye health.

Protecting Your Eyes from Screens

Staring at screens, which in the 21st century most of us do fairly often, can actually be very damaging and unnatural for your eyes. This kind of strain on your eyes can lead to a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome. The eyestrain from staring at a computer can lead to common Computer Vision Syndrome symptoms: blurred vision; dry eyes; head, back, and neck pain. Ensuring your computer is placed level with your seat so that you are looking slightly down at the screen can aid with intense glare and back pain.

You can also purchase an anti-glare screen for your computer or blue-light filters for your glasses and contact lenses – there are also computer and smart phone apps that can filter blue light.

Computer Vision Syndrome has been linked to retina damage, sleep disorders, and even depression. Make sure you work and use the computer in a comfortable chair and take breaks to adjust your posture and align your feet flat on the floor. Paying attention to how you sit and your body alignment will assist your vision and comfort while working.

Be sure to use eye drops to keep your eyes from drying up using the computer and make sure you rest your eyes every half an hour by looking beyond the screen for at least half a minute.

Seeing an Eye Doctor Regularly

Making time for an annual eye appointment is very important for your eyes as your optometrist can check your eye-health for signs of retina damage, glaucoma, or prescription changes that might need addressing. Checking in with your eye doctor and disclosing your medical history, taking vision tests and testing your optic nerves is critical for ensuring you’re taking good care of your eyes and that they’re strong and healthy. In the event that you may need eye surgery, an ophthalmologist can help.

Protecting Your Eyes from Sun Damage

UV rays are very dangerous and can scorch your eyes just as the sun can burn you skin. If you have sunburned eyes, your eyes will feel weary, itchy and probably will turn red in color. If you continuously burn your eyes, you may develop cataracts or suffer from intense retina damage. Sunglasses are key; especially in warmer, brighter seasons, to avoid UV damage. You can buy sunglasses that have UV ray protection and ones that also fit your prescription so you’ll be more comfortable wearing them.

Find Out More and Ask Questions

Everyone’s eyes are unique, and it’s good to ask medical professionals such as the eye specialists at Advanced Eye Medical about how to keep your eyes strong, eye infection prevention, and good cleaning habits for your contact lenses to avoid the weakening of your eyes.