Four Mistakes you Make with your Contact Lenses

When you first began using contact lenses you were very diligent and kept up with proper cleaning. After some time, these necessary steps are forgotten and you became careless. If you are committing these mistakes it is time to consider Lasik surgery.

You Use Water As a Solution

Water is not a disinfectant solution; never mix lenses with water. Not only is water not the cleanest solution, but it can cause lenses to change shape, swell, and stick to your eye. Avoid showering or swimming to prevent your lenses from coming into contact with water.

You “Top off” Your Lens Case

Instead of emptying and cleaning your case out you simply just add more solution to what has been laying in your case. Since half the solution has been sitting in the case adding new solution will only decrease its ability to disinfect the lenses.

You Don’t Clean Your Case

Always clean out your case after every use. Empty the case out and use small amount of solution to clean it out, and then let it dry. When you do not clean your case a thin layer of biofilm begins to form at the bottom, increasing your chances of an eye infection.

You Don’t Wash Your Hands

Always wash your hands before touching your lenses or before touching your eyes. It may seem obvious, but many people do not do it! Bacteria can linger on your hands and finger tips which can easily cause an infection.

Contact lenses can be a burden for many and without proper maintenance they can easily cause problems in your eyes. Many individuals decide to undergo Lasik eye surgery to improve their vision and get rid of their unhygienic contact lenses. Contact Advanced Medical Group to schedule your Lasik procedure and get rid of those contact lenses for good!