Tips on Fighting Eye Allergies

Tips on Fighting Allergies from El Niño

Many people suffer from springtime allergies. If you feel like you have allergies that won’t quit, that’s because the El Niño weather pattern has an effect on seasonal allergies.

El Niño is a climactic change in which there is a periodic warming in sea surface temperatures occurring across the equatorial Pacific region. As a result, developments from El Niño include warmer-than-average temperatures across western and central Canada, and western and northern United States. The El Niño weather phenomenon also features a massive amount of rainfall. Weather is one of the main contributors to how much pollen gets produced in the air.

Tree and grass pollen can contribute to red eyes, itchiness, and sneezing, and depending on the severity, you may want to consult a doctor. Otherwise, you can try fighting allergies as a result from El Niño with the following tips.

Rock the Shades

Wearing sunglasses has many benefits that can help with your eye health, and to prevent allergies from worsening. If you wear sunglasses during the daytime, it is a great way to control pollen and dust from getting in your eyes. Plus, it is highly recommended by eye professionals to wear sunglasses during the day as a way to protect your eyes from the powerful UV light from the sun.

Stay Inside

If your allergies are quite severe and all else fails, it’s a smart idea to stay indoors and to avoid the outdoors as much as possible. Even closing the windows in your home can go a long way in preventing an allergy flare up.

Keep It Clean

Cleanliness is key when fighting off allergies made worse by El Niño. Be sure to wash your hands and face after being outdoors, and take a shower before bed so you don’t get pollen on your pillows or sheets, which can cause allergy attacks overnight.

Another great strategy in eliminating allergies is the use of HEPA products. You can add a HEPA filter to your air conditioning system if you have one in place. If not, you can buy a portable one for your home or add it to your vacuum to reduce dust and pollen.

Stock the Medicine Cabinet

These days, there are countless over-the-counter solutions for allergy symptoms. Many brands of antihistamines are available, and if your condition is particularly severe, you can even try allergy shots. When you’re at the drug store, be sure to fill your medicine cabinet with extra nasal sprays and tissues.

We Care about Your Eye Health

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