Why is Eye Contact So Important?


Communication is extremely important in all areas of life, including both personal and professional relationships.  Not only does communication come in the form of both verbal and written, but eye contact plays a large part in human connection and communication.  Sometimes an expression or look you give with your eyes can say more than words ever can.

Importance of Eye Contact in Everyday Life

Eye contact is a major component of body language, which is yet another form of communication with those around you.  Think about all of the things that you do on a daily basis.


While you are driving, you have no direct way to communicate with other drivers what you are doing or knowing what they are doing.  You must rely on signals provided by the driver using their car (such as a turn signal) and are at the mercy of them remembering to do so.  Another way that drivers communicate is hand signals, such as waving a driver by.  However, you also use eye contact as a means of making sure that drivers, as well as pedestrians and bikers, know that you see them and they see you.

Meeting New People

Whenever you meet someone new, eye contact is important in greeting a new acquaintance and setting a strong first impression.  Someone that makes eye contact, perhaps accompanied with a smile, is going to leave someone with a warm, welcoming impression that will go a long way.

With Your Relationships

In a world of smartphones, it is not uncommon to find yourself speaking to people who are distracted and buried with their heads focused on their mobile device. Eye contact plays an important role in communicating with any relationships that you may have.  It is the best way to show someone that you are a good listener, taking in what they have to say in a meaningful way.

Importance of Eye Contact at the Workplace 

Not only is eye contact beneficial in everyday life, but in the workplace eye contact can separate you from the herd in the most positive of ways.

Job Interviews

During a job interview, a great resume is not always enough and eye contact made throughout the interview will go a long way.  A candidate who can make direct eye contact with the interviewers throughout a job interview will demonstrate a great deal of confidence and interest in the position while displaying mindfulness through the interviewing process.

Giving Presentations

If you ever had to give a presentation at school or at work, you are probably aware of how important eye contact is when giving presentations.  Think about listening to someone else giving a presentation.  If that person never made eye contact, perhaps was always looking down at notes or up at the screen, how would you feel about the message the person was trying to leave you with?  Eye contact is a form of connecting a speaker with the audience, building trust and rapport.  The most powerful presentations are the ones that evoke a personal interaction with the audience, where it almost seems like someone is speaking right to you, because he or she is making eye contact with you throughout the presentation.

Communication with Your Coworkers and Supervisors 

Like your own personal relationships, eye contact can play a big factor with any communication that you may have with your coworkers and supervisors.  Like your personal relationships, eye contact is a way to show respect to the other person by taking an interest in what they have to say and that you are sincere in what you have to say.

As you can see from the above, eye contact plays a big part in all areas of your life. A lack of eye contact or the wrong kind of eye contact—such as a glaring look or a rolling of the eyes—can create a great deal of conflict or misunderstanding.  Take a moment to notice how you communicate with your eyes in your contact with people today.  See if you have a tendency to make or avoid eye contact and see how this impacts, either negatively or positively, the communication that you have.

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