Eat Carrots To Prevent Cataracts!

Once again scientists have proven that it pays to eat your vegetables. A new study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that a vegetarian diet may be associated with a reduced risk of developing cataracts. The study administered a survey to 27,670 non-diabetic participants over 40 years of age. The information obtained was used to assess the risk of cataract in relation to baseline dietary and lifestyle characteristics.

The study showed a strong relation between the risk of cataract and diet. The risk of cataracts decreased significantly from high volume meat eaters to low volume meat eaters, fish eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. Compared with high meat eaters (100g or more of meat daily), the incidence of cataract ratios went from .96 to .60 for vegans.

The researchers concluded that a lower risk of developing cataracts was found in people with a high amount of vegetables in their diet. Broccoli is one of the best vegetables for eye health as it is a good source of lutein, zeaxanthin, and Vitamin C. Some of the many other vegetables credited with being good for your eyes are brussel sprouts, celery, chili peppers, Corn, Kale, peas, squash, and, of course, carrots.