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If you had a puck flying at your face at 100 mph, you’d want to make sure you could see it coming. When the Ducks are on the ice, they can’t afford to worry about impaired vision. That’s why they trust Dr. Faris Ghosheh for all their iLASIK needs. His expertise and experience make him the go-to iLASIK specialist in Orange County.

Hockey is widely regarded as the fastest game on earth. For obvious reasons, professional hockey players can’t bother with glasses. Like many athletes, they are perfect candidates for iLASIK treatment. After all, hockey requires a great deal of hand-eye coordination. But you don’t have to have a blistering slapshot to enjoy the benefits of this amazing procedure. Clear vision is just a click away. Schedule your consultation today.

    Hockey is a game that demands great vision. Now, you can get back to your active lifestyle using the same procedure that the Anaheim Ducks, NASA, and the U.S. Military trust for their professionals.

  • Official LASIK Specialist for the Anaheim Ducks
  • NASA Astronauts
  • Air Force Pilots
  • Naval Aviators
  • And You!

    When the Anaheim Ducks need corrective vision surgery, they come to Dr. Ghosheh for the revolutionary iLASIK procedure. They enjoy the clear vision he gives them using the most advanced technology, and you can too.

  • Advanced Computer Imaging Maps out Eye Imperfections
  • Blade-Free
  • Laser Corrects Corneal Imperfections
  • Micron Level Precision
  • Eliminates the Need for Glasses and Contacts

    The Anaheim Ducks can’t afford to leave their eyesight to chance, and neither should you. iLASIK produces fantastic, reliable results for the patients who choose it.

  • 20/20 Vision or Better
  • The Same Technology Used in Over 10 Million Procedures
  • Minimal Recovery Time
  • Safe & Effective
  • Can Correct Even the Most Severe Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, and Astigmatism


I have been a patient of Dr. Faris Ghosheh for over two years. He has been very attentive to all of my eye care needs. I have had cataract surgery in both of my eyes. Dr. Ghosheh and his staff made the process of going through eye surgery very comforting and professional. I would highly recommend him as a top physician.

-----Karen W. –

Dr Ghosheh and office staff are great. I waited no more than 10 minutes to be seen and Dr Ghosheh was great. I recommend Doctor Ghosheh to all my friends

-----Ben A. –

Dr. Ghosheh: words cannot express the amazing gift of sight that you have provided me. I have been struggling to see for years with lasses and/or contacts. I never thought it would be possible to see so nicely without them. What a wonderful profession to be a part of... gibing the gift of sight. Thank all of you.

-----Pat Scipio

Dr. Ghosheh: I want to sincerely thank you for successfully removing the cataract from both of my eyes! The change has been remarkable. I only wish that I had done the surgery sooner. Its such a radical change that I can clearly see objects from a distance with pristine vision, both day and night

-----John Vollrath

Experience the Difference

Lasik surgery is possible because of impressive advances in medical laser technology. But all that high-tech equipment isn’t worth much if you don’t go with an experienced doctor. Call Dr. Ghosheh to schedule a FREE Consultation at Advanced Eye Medical today!

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