Does Cold Weather Affect LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery can change a person’s life. As the holidays quickly approach, many people are planning gifts for loved ones. A very special gift can be laser vision treatment. A California LASIK eye doctor can discuss the benefits of Orange County LASIK.

It is important to contact an advanced eye medical group to find an experienced LASIK surgeon. Various conditions can be effectively treated with LASIK eye surgery. For some people, the procedure is scary. There are advances that have made LASIK eye surgery painless and highly effective.

During this gift-giving season, it can be easy to forget about ourselves. What could be more valuable than to correct your vision? With improved vision and eye health, the holidays will be brighter than ever.

Does Cold Weather Affect Healing from LASIK?

Orange County LASIK group offers the iLASIK procedure which is a blade-free approach to laser vision treatment. LASIK can dramatically alter a patient’s vision and improve their overall happiness. Many patients see a decrease in night vision difficulties after LASIk procedures.

Along with advances in the current laser vision treatments, there are some myths that can be put to rest. Cold weather does not hinder healing. It is true that patients can experience dry eyes which may be exasperated during cold weather periods. However, cold weather will not prevent the healing process nor will it prevent a patient from getting the benefits of LASIK eye surgery.

In a WebMD article on the topic, the author reminded patients that “LASIK surgery causes a temporary decrease in tear production. As your eyes heal, they might feel unusually dry.” If a patient is experiencing these symptoms, it is best to follow the guidelines of their surgeon and use the recommended eye-drops as necessary.

Every person heals differently. But patients should not be afraid to seek out LASIK eye surgery during the cold season. It can be the perfect holiday gift for their selves or loved ones. The effects of LASIK eye surgery will be with them for a lifetime. The investment in laser vision treatment can improve a person’s life. For more information and a consultation with board-certified surgeons, contact the Advanced Eye Medical Group which offers Orange County LASIK.