Celebs Want to See, Too!

Beautiful and fully-functioning eyes are important to celebs. Long hours spent in contacts can cause red and irritated eyes, which are forbidden in the spotlight. Glasses can distract audiences from a celeb’s beauty as well as their emotional performances. Being sans glasses and contacts can help them to land bigger and better roles. As such, many celebs have chosen to undergo LASIK surgery. This simple, quick and painless procedure helps to improve vision by reshaping the cornea using a laser. Quite a few famous celebs have had LASIK surgery and are loving the results.

Kim Kardashian

Queen of the reality TV celebrity world, Kim Kardashian underwent LASIK surgery in 2009. Kim had struggled with her vision since her high school years, but she didn’t like wearing glasses and contacts because they irritated her eyes and made them red. Kim filmed her surgery in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kim had improved vision the next day, and she states, “I can see better than I ever have before.”

Jessica Simpson

Another celeb who filmed her LASIK adventure is Jessica Simpson. Designer, singer and actress Jessica decided to get LASIK in 2004. You might recall the hilarious episode of her reality TV show Newlyweds, in which she gets LASIK and recovers from the surgery with lots of giggles. Legally blind and completely dependent on contacts and glasses before the surgery, Jessica now says she can see perfectly, and says it’s almost like being healed by God.

Elton John

Although he’s famous for his many quirky glasses, this international pop star underwent LASIK in 2003. Elton owns over 4,000 pairs of glasses, but he was tired of being dependent on them. He told a UK TV show that he was “fed up” with his glasses. Now Elton doesn’t have to worry about expensive prescription lenses for his many glasses. Not only can he see better and only wear glasses when he’s on stage, but he’s saving a vast amount of money.

Brad Pitt

Two-time People’s Sexiest Man Alive Winner Brad Pitt underwent LASIK several years ago, reportedly around 2010. Brad doesn’t have to worry about how glasses interfere with his amazingly good looks now that he doesn’t need them. His job as a writer and producer require him to read and write often, a task now made easy by his perfect eyesight. Now a few years since his surgery, Brad is still completely pleased with his results.

Reese Witherspoon

About a decade ago, Reese Witherspoon decided to give up a life-long relationship with glasses and pursue LASIK surgery. Reese wanted to really pursue her career, and she was afraid that glasses and contacts would get in her way. Since her LASIK surgery, Reese has become one of the most renowned actresses on screen today. Her great vision has allowed her to do the roles and stunts she couldn’t do before.

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid is a well-known actor who’s been popular for decades. He needed glasses to help with everyday tasks, like reading a restaurant menu. He was tired of being tied to his reading glasses, so he underwent LASIK just a few years ago. Dennis now can read and see everything with zero problems. He says that LASIK is “painless, really ease, quick, and it will change your life for the better.”

Nicole Kidman

Australian beauty Nicole Kidman has earned the love and respect of millions of fans. She struggled with her vision her entire life, however, and she was legally blind. Many days were spent blurry, and she says that she used to essentially walk around blind on the red carpet in order to avoid wearing glasses or contacts. Since her surgery in 2007, she has perfect 20/20 vision. She used to have a hard time even seeing fans wave at her, but now, she says she can “smile right back if someone waves.”

See Like the Celebrities

You don’t have to be a celebrity to know that long days wearing contacts and fumbling for glasses each morning is a pain. You also don’t have to be a celebrity to get great vision from LASIK surgery. This quick and painless surgery can have you looking, seeing and feeling your best in no time. Do like the celebs do, and call Advanced Eye Medical today to schedule your iLASIK consultation.