Eye Protection Essentials for When You Hit the Slopes This Winter

Nothing is more beautiful than the sun peeking up from behind snow-covered peaks. The air is crisp, the powder is fresh, and the slopes are ready. But are your eyes ready? If you participate in winter sports, you undoubtedly check your equipment and your clothing several times before heading out. One of the essentials for winter sports that is often overlooked: eye protection. Proper eye protection will not only keep you seeing clearly, but it will keep you safe and comfortable as you enjoy the winter wonderland.

Why Use Eye Protection?

There are a myriad of reasons to grab some goggles or other eye protection before going to the mountains to play. The first and most harmless reason is to avoid sunburn on the eyes. Eye burn is painful and annoying, and totally preventable.

The second reason is to avoid UV rays getting into the eyes. If you think that UV rays are absorbed by the snow, think again. Up to 80% of sunlight is reflected back by the snow and ice, making sunlight twice as damaging in the winter. UV rays can do more harm than just sunburn, they can burn and damage the retina. This damage can eventually contribute to cataracts.

UV rays that aren’t filtered by the retina can continue on to do damage to the macula, or the part of the eye responsible for visual acuity. This UV damage can cause macular degeneration and vision loss.

Finally, eyes can also be damaged by tree branches or other flying debris. Wearing protective gear over the eyes can prevent these items from doing permanent damage to the eyes. It can also shield the eyes from snow and other precipitation, making skiing or snowboarding much easier.

Good Choices for Winter Eye Protection

No matter your style or needs, there is most certainly a type of eye protection that will suit you.


This choice offers the best protection from the sun and elements. Their design shields your eyes in the front and sides. They also help keep your face warm and can prevent frost bite. Goggles come with different tinted lenses, and certain colors work best in certain conditions:

  • Orange and yellow: best in overcast or hazy conditions, make shadows brighter
  • Brown, copper, and grey: best in sunny conditions, make it easier to focus
  • Amber, rose, and red: best in partly cloudy conditions, help emphasize shadows

Many companies offer interchangeable lenses, so you can change your lenses right there on the slope as a storm rolls in. Discomfort can be a concern with goggles, so make sure you try on plenty of pairs that fit well on both your face and your head.


Sunglasses are easier to wear and much smaller than goggles, but the downside is that they only protect your eyes from the front. Sunglasses are usually preferred for days with no snow or other precipitation. They are also best in conditions that aren’t particularly cold. When choosing good sunglasses for winter sports, remember that fashion sunglasses won’t do the trick. Look for specialty sports sunglasses with tinted lenses (see color guide above) and 90% to 100% UV blockage. The longer you are going to be on the slopes, the higher the UV blockage should be.

There’s No Excuse for Not Wearing Eye Protection

Good winter eye protection is an essential, second only to a good helmet. Eye protection can be custom fit to you, and prescription lenses can even be made for your eye protection. Eyewear can be found in all price ranges, and are available at many different outlets. Since it’s so easy and affordable to get good sunglasses and goggles, there’s no excuse to not wear eye protection this winter.

Nothing gets in the way of a great day on the mountain like not being able to see properly. If you have questions about finding great winter eyewear, look no further than Advanced Eye Medical. Their eye protection experts can help you find a great pair of sunglasses or goggles. Schedule your winter eye protection consultation today and hit the slopes with clarity.

Winter’s Hot Fashion Eyewear Trends

Glasses used to be considered a big inconvenience. Frame choices used to be slim, and the frames available weren’t exactly fashion forward. But those days are over! Glasses are now one of the hottest accessories to any great outfit. Many people are actually wearing glasses whether they need them or not, just as a way to express themselves and up their fashion ante. All of the best designers have included some great new glasses and sunglasses in their lines this season. If you’re in the market for a new set of spectacles, look no further than this guide for the hottest eyewear trends for winter 2016.


Sunglasses and winter may seem like an oxymoron at first. However, the sun is glaring off of the snow and ice can make sunglasses a winter essential. Whether prescription or non-prescription, there are some gorgeous new sunglasses for this winter that will fit every style and face:

Bold and colorful frames

Primary colors in bold shapes and sizes might seem fit for kids. But these fun styles can make any outfit really stand out.

Oversized frames

Frames that cover the upper part of the face make a bold statement. They’re great for highlighting the eyes and making other features seem small.

Retro frames

Vintage styles from mod ‘60s style to disco diva ‘70s and everything in between are so in. Channel your favorite old school movie star with a throwback pair of sunglasses.

Really round frames

John Lennon-esque styles, known also as tea frames, give anyone a smart and funky look. Tortoise shell or jet black frames can add a modern element of cool.

Funky shapes

Sunglasses don’t have to be just round or square- hexagon, star, and even triangular shapes are both fun and functional.


These classic frames are flattering on almost anyone. Add some ombre or mirrored lenses for an extra-trendy look.

Futuristic design

Dangling lenses, crazy frames and intricate details bring the future to life. The more daring the design, the better for this sunglass trend.


If you want to look smarter, more modern, or even vintage chic, there is certainly a trendy pair of glasses to suit your style. Fall is a great time to update your eyewear along with your wardrobe.

Geeky glasses

Thick frames, thick lenses and muted colors (think awkward ‘80s glasses) used to scream nerd. Now, they scream fashionista.

Shaded lenses

Rose-colored, yellow-hued and even purple-tinted lenses add some mystery and personality to any pair of glasses. They’re also useful for light-sensitive eyes.

Cat eye glasses

Flirtatious and cool, cat eye glasses seem glamourous and sophisticated with just a hint of fun. This vintage look isn’t going out of style anytime soon, and it’s flattering on most face shapes.


These classic frames have been popular since their creation in the 1950s. Their vintage vibe makes any outfit look fashion forward and adds just a hint of smartness.

Dramatic glasses

Futuristic and cool looks aren’t just for sci-fi fans. Creative glasses, whether bold framed, frameless or fun-shaped are a great way to express uniqueness and are very hot this winter.

Sporty frames

Glasses fit for Olympians can be fun and functional. Streamlined frames and bright, sporty colors are on point.

Retro frames

Just as with sunglasses, looks from the 1960s forward are in style. Pick your favorite era to fit your own personal style.

Great Eye Care is Always in Style

No matter which trend you choose to rock, healthy eyes make any pair of glasses look better. Getting great eye care is at the beginning of great eye style. Call Advanced Eye Medical today and schedule your eye care exam. Then, let their eye care professionals help you pick the perfect pair of fashion-forward frames to let your eyes shine this fall and winter.

When Will I Know that My Glasses Are No Longer Effective?

Wearing glasses can become like second nature to most. You put them on when you need to see and your vision problems are corrected. However, your glasses won’t always correct your vision, as prescriptions tend to change over time.

Because glasses aren’t always reliable, knowing when your prescription is no longer effective is important.

Symptoms of a Changing Prescription

Your eyes can experience overall strain if the wrong prescription is being used. While it is often obvious that your glasses are no longer working properly, some symptoms can help you identify the issue:

  • Headache from straining to see
  • Dizziness or a feeling of disorientation
  • Nausea not related to any other issue
  • Vertigo not related to any other medical condition
  • Blurry or fuzzy vision

These problems may appear and go away temporarily if you are adjusting to a new prescription. But if the problems persist, it is a definite sign that your glasses aren’t effective anymore.

Wearing the Wrong Prescription can Cause Discomfort

It is a common myth that wearing the wrong prescription will ruin your eyes. This simply isn’t true. Since glasses only change the light that is refracted to your eyes, eye health will not be affected by wearing the wrong prescription. Wearing the wrong prescription will, however, cause discomfort and an inability to see clearly. Driving or other activities that require a high level of vision may become difficult or impossible. It may also lead to the symptoms mentioned above because of the intense strain being placed on the eyes in an effort to see clearly.

Reasons Why Your Prescription is Inaccurate

There are various reasons why your prescription is inaccurate. If your glasses are relatively new, the problem might lie in an error in the prescription. Maybe there was a transcription error when typing your prescription into the computer. Wrong positioning of the lenses in front of your eyes can also cause problems.

If your glasses aren’t new, aging and the changing of your eye shape over time is the likely culprit for your failing glasses. Visiting an experienced and knowledgeable eye care professional can be a quick and easy way to remedy the problem. Your ophthalmologist or optometrist can check your glasses to ensure proper prescription and proper fit.

Comprehensive Eye Care

It can be difficult to notice when your glasses are no longer effective. A small change in prescription strength may not cause any symptoms other than slightly fuzzy vision. However, a large change in prescription may cause severe symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

Your eyes change as you age, and a long-term relationship with your eye care professional is vital in keeping your vision sharp and clear. Personalized exams at a comprehensive eye care facility can help ensure you have the correct prescription. The eye care professionals at Advanced Eye Medical can help. Contact us today and ensure that your view is crystal clear.

Top 11 Daily Struggles That People with Glasses Face

Sure, it’s become a hipster thing to wear glasses. But so many of those hipsters don’t absolutely need the glasses to see. Millions of people rely on glasses to see, but glasses can be as agonizing as they are helpful. Bespectacled people everywhere face struggles with their glasses everyday, but 11 of these struggles are worse than others.

11 Daily Struggles People With Glasses Have

1.   Laying Down

Trying to lay down with glasses is inconvenient. You can’t lay on your side because your glasses will be crooked. If you fall asleep watching TV while wearing glasses, you’ll wake up with indents on your face and permanent bends in your glasses.

2.   Weather

Whether it’s snow or rain or mist, it will end up on your glasses. Tiny water droplets will stick to your lenses and cloud your vision, and you’ll need to remove your glasses constantly to remove the precipitation.

3.   Fog

Hot weather can cause your glasses to fog up. Walking from the cold outside into a warm room can cause your glasses to heat up. Drinking coffee and cooking over a hot stove can cause your glasses to fog up. There are many fog triggers for glasses.

4.   Price

A nice, attractive pair of glasses can cost $200 and up, depending on brand and lense type. If you want to wear contacts, you double your expenses. This expense is recurring because you’ll want and need new glasses every couple of years.

5.   Sunglasses

Sunglasses are impossible for people who wear glasses. Prescription sunglasses are a possibility, but you’ll pay dearly for them. If you do manage to get prescription sunglasses, you’ll have to switch back and forth between your different glasses each time you go indoors or outdoors.

6.   Glare

Standing in the sun, standing in front of a bright light or the flash of a camera can all cause awful glare from your glasses. Driving in the sun is difficult, driving at night is dangerous and having clear lenses in a photo is impossible. Some lenses reduce glare, but they can be expensive and they will not get rid of glare entirely.

7.   Losing Them

We’ve all seen Scooby Doo, and we all laugh at Velma each time she loses her glasses. It’s funny until it happens to you. Folks with glasses often have to worry about losing their glasses at an inconvenient time. If you do accidentally misplace your glasses, you’ll be walking around blind until you can grab a replacement pair.

8.   Exercise

With exercise comes sweat, and with sweat comes slipping and fogging glasses. If you run or do another high-impact exercise, your glasses might bounce and make you feel disoriented. Doing push-ups can result in your glasses falling off completely. Glasses are definitely a needless worry while working out.

9.   Showers

You have two options: shower with your glasses on and have them covered in distracting water droplets, or take them off and essentially go blind. Keeping them on is a risk because you don’t want to damage them and they’ll get in the way, but if you take them off, you’ll barely be able to read the shampoo bottle.

10.   Sun

Glare isn’t the only problem that the sun imposes on eyeglass wearers. You also have to worry about the dreaded glasses tan. Even if you have thin frames, they will still leave a mark from the sun. Sunscreen can help, but getting it too close to your eyes can be dangerous and painful.

11.   Nerd Status

Bespectacled people are often labeled as nerds or geeks. Some glasses might make you look smarter and more modern, but the wrong pair glasses can have the opposite effect. People who wear glasses are often teased and bullied more in their younger years, and that self-consciousness about their vision can carry over into the adult years.

Let LASIK End Your Struggle

The struggle with glasses doesn’t have to continue forever. LASIK eye surgery can use the latest laser technology to help improve your vision. You can throw away your glasses and save yourself time and money. You won’t have to fear weather, the sun or the gym. You can shower and sleep without inconvenience.
Call Advanced Eye Medical today to schedule your iLASIK consultation. Let the professionals in our office save you from your glasses today.