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Why You Shouldn’t be Rubbing Your Eyes

The urge to rub your eyes is natural when you’re tired or when they’re irritated. However, is rubbing your eyes bad for you? Rubbing your eyes may provide temporary relief, but it can negatively impact vision health. Reasons to Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes If you aren’t careful whenever you rub, knuckle or palm your eyes, […]

The Importance of Children’s Eye Care

Children’s eye care is a precaution that should be considered from a very young age; therefore, it’s essential that we teach our children about the best eye care to help them develop healthy habits. Protect their eye health to help reduce the risk of vision loss that comes with sun exposure, humidity and dehydration dangers […]

Is 20/20 Eyesight Really Perfect Vision?

You have probably heard someone say, “I have perfect 20/20 vision!” before.  It is often what many people think when it comes to having “perfect” vision.  It is certainly what we are taught when we are growing up by our parents and doctors.  But, what is 20/20 vision and is 20/20 vision good… or perfect? […]

How to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

The skin around your eyes are the thinnest on the body and is the most susceptible to ultraviolet radiation. Exposure to excessive amount of UV radiation over a short period of time can cause extreme sensitivity to light and excessive tearing. It can be painful and feel like a sunburn to the eye. The longer […]

Why You Should Always Wear Goggles While Swimming

Whether you are a beginning or aspiring swimmer, or are just considering going out to swim in a pool for fun this Summer, it is important that you always wear goggles for eye protection while in the pool.  If you are an experienced swimmer, you are already well aware of this.  Goggles are a must-have […]

Children’s Eye Safety Tips for This Summer

Eye care is vital to our children’s health, especially in the heat of the summer. As the weather warms up, children spend more time outdoors – leaving them exposed and vulnerable to harmful UV-rays. It is important to ensure children are protected from sun exposure, humidity and dehydration to help reduce the risk of vision […]

What Are Polarized Lenses?

Polarized lenses are not only popular among boaters, outdoor enthusiasts and fishermen but also skiers, bikers, golfers, and joggers. As the average consumer spends more time outdoors, the interest in polarized lenses and its benefits has increased. But how do polarized sunglasses work? Polarized lenses have several benefits including reduced glare and better vision for […]

The Best Sources of Vitamin A for Our Vision

Benefits of Vitamin A for Your Eyes and Vision For your vision and eyes, Vitamin A has many benefits, including: Protecting the surface of the eye Serves a protective barrier from eye infection Treatment and prevention of dry eyes Reduced risk of macular degeneration Soothes eye inflammation Reduces stress on our eyes from the sun […]

How Common Eye Allergies Affect You

Allergies can affect the body in a variety of different ways, but it seems that the eyes take quite the beating when it comes to allergies.  The most common types of allergens include pollen, dust (and dust mites), wasp and bee stings, mold, pet dander and even some chemicals found around the house.  In addition […]

How to Choose Sunglasses the Right Way

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement.  They should be used to help protect your eyes from the sun and its harmful UV rays.  However, it might not be that easy to know how to go about picking the right sunglasses for you.  There are a number of factors when considering how to choose […]