6 Reasons to Consider LASIK Eye Surgery

Taking the step to have LASIK eye surgery may feel daunting at first, but the benefits and safety of the procedure are compelling enough to convince anyone with sub-optimal vision to make the right choice! Here are six reasons to why you should seriously consider LASIK Eye Surgery.

1: Save Time

You may not realize it now, especially if you have been wearing contacts or glasses for a long time, but these solutions to your vision problems are time-wasters. First, there is the waking routine. Before you can do anything that requires vision, anything from cooking to reading work emails, you have to put in your contacts or search for those glasses that have been misplaced. This is perhaps the most inconvenient time of day to have to deal with wasted time. Mornings are always a crunch, whether it’s getting ready for the workday or getting kids ready for school; your vision is a necessity.

Not all of us have the luxury of having our vision perfectly corrected by our glasses or contacts, leaving reading small texts and signs a challenging task. These strains can also waste time as you adjust your distance and try to make the words clear. Doctor’s appointments can also be a major inconvenience; prescriptions need to be adjusted almost every year, especially as age increases. Plus, there’s the time it takes to shop for new glasses or buy new contacts. All of these small things really can add up.

2: Comfort

Glasses slip out of place, fog up, and make lying down with them on uncomfortable. Contacts can cause dry eyes and redness. Both of these aren’t ideal and LASIK fixes these problems easily. No more placing pieces of plastic directly on your eye or having rigid glasses against your facial structure. For many who suffer from headaches caused by their poor vision, LASIK can also relieve this unfortunate problem.

3: Save Money

While LASIK may have a higher up-front cost, in the long run it is going to save you a lot of money. Glasses and contacts aren’t cheap and LASIK can eliminate the need for either. Plus there are all the extras that come along with each of these. Glasses require cleaning, cases, and replacements as the lenses become scratched or the frames are damaged. Contacts need to be cleaned with special solution and are constantly being replaced. With LASIK you can switch over to basic sunglass lenses, drastically dropping their cost.

4: Physical Activity

Glasses are a pain to deal with when exercising, especially in team sports where they can easily be knocked off. LASIK will give you perfect vision, making it easier to see your objective clearly, keep track of your team and the opposition, and give you the edge of great vision.

5: Confidence

Not everyone enjoys wearing glasses. Certain facial structures can also make keeping them on your face a hard time; this can lead to agonizing over how the glasses sit or look. With LASIK, your natural look is set free, allowing for confidence and direct face-to-face interaction.

6: Sleep Anywhere, Anytime

Falling asleep with contact lenses in is generally a bad idea with the possibility of infection, potentially having long-term effects on sight. Glasses aren’t much better; they can easily break and become dangerous in your sleep. Sharp glass is a severe cutting hazard and one people with glasses may not immediately think of. With LASIK corrected eyes, you no longer have to be wary of dozing off when you weren’t planning to.

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