4 Signs You’re in Need of New Glasses

Even with glasses or contact lenses, your vision deteriorates over time. Declining eye conditions can be caused by various factors: long hours under the sun without sunglasses, gazing at screens or cellphones, even studying under dim light. Sometimes your eyes just weaken with age.

While you may have glasses, your prescription might not be adequate enough to correct your vision. Orange County’s eyecare specialists at Advanced Eye Center advise you to watch out for these red flags when wearing your glasses. They are signs that you may need to replace them. Read on as we discuss what you need to look out for:

Random Episodes of Headaches or Squinting

At times, it’s the subtle symptoms that matter most. While wearing your glasses you may believe your vision is a perfct 20/20, however, you may actually, and at times, unconsciously, be straining your eyes. But how will you know if you’re putting your eyes through stress when everything seems crisp and clear? Ask yourself, have you ever had sudden headaches that come out of nowhere? Are you squinting even with your glasses on? These are early warning signs that you may need new glasses.

Do You Bring Your Eyes Closer, or Make Text Bigger?

Bringing objects closer to you while wearing glasses is an obvious indicator. If you’re changing the settings on your phone to enlarge text size, this may be a sign that your lenses are no longer giving you the clarity they originally gave you. Instead, your blurry vision can lead to headaches and eye strains.

Sensitivity to Light

Are you experiencing overwhelming glare as you drive past cars at night? Do you ever wake up in the morning and hiss at the sunlight? Your glasses might actually be doing more harm than good with these reflective distractions. Breakthrough technology in corrective lenses has given patients the option to deck their glasses with anti-reflective features.

Scratched or Cracked Lenses

If your glasses are donning a variety of  scratches or cracks, you’re prone to a world of problems, including optical flaws, blurry vision, and distractions. It is also important to not overlook broken eyeglass temples. Glasses that don’t sit properly on your face can also affect your vision. If your glasses are in poor condition, it might be time to visit an eyecare specialist.

Lasik in Orange County Is An Option

Glasses used to be seen as the be-all, end-all solution for poor vision. If you wear glasses, spotting these hazards are important. Experiencing any of these conditions merits a visit to an eyecare specialist.

Dr. R.K. Ghosheh and his team at Advanced Eye Medical have over 25 years of experience correcting vision problems. They’ve performed over 50,000 procedures, most especially the popular Lasik surgery. If you’re tired of your glasses and you’re ready to view the world in 20/20 without lenses, contact our office in Mission Viejo at 888-439-6565 for a consultation.