Lasik Recovery

Many people are unsure whether or not to undergo Lasik surgery. Aside from the pre-procedure jitters, many can agree on the benefits of the Lasik procedure. The Lasik process is a simple outpatient procedure that has proven results and success for many patients. It is important to flesh out the Lasik recovery process to overcome any reservations you may have. There have been millions of Lasik patients whose lives have been transformed with their improved eyesight. Why not revamp your vision with Lasik eye surgery?

Lasik Surgery

Lasik Surgery is done as a quick, outpatient procedure. Initially, the patient’s eyesight deficiencies are clearly pinpointed through a 3-D wavescan map. Numbing drops are then placed in both eyes to prepare for the surgery. After the drops have properly numbed the area, the doctor will then create a corneal flap with the laser. Once the corneal flap is lifted, all mild to severe vision deficiencies will be corrected through this procedure. Then the flap will be placed back to finish the Lasik process. After the procedure, the doctor will place a shield over the eyes to further protect the results.

Lasik Recovery

Immediately after the Lasik procedure, the recovery process begins. After the surgery, the patients will be given eye drops to avoid infections and inflammation. Patients are able to return to work same day with this easy outpatient procedure. 24 hours after the procedure, the doctor will schedule a follow-up appointment to evaluate the patient’s progress thus far. It is crucial to develop a relationship with your Lasik doctor to make sure your recovery is on the right track. Vision will still be adjusting days after surgery, but rest assured that most patients experience results within the first week of the Lasik procedure.

Lasik’s Proven Success!

According the FDA, studies have shown that more than 95% of patients of the Lasik eye surgery have been satisfied with their vision. This study also noted that 99% of patients within the study did not experience any problems with their vision after the procedure. Around 95.4% of Lasik patients, worldwide, reported satisfaction with the Lasik eye surgery, as found in a study done by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. In another study done by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, it was noted that within a three-year time frame, patient satisfaction grew greater and greater each year.

Recovery Tips 

To ensure a smooth recovery, here are some helpful tips to heal your eyesight with ease. It is important to adjust your lifestyle when recovering from Lasik eye surgery. Follow your doctor’s instructions to ensure a seamless recovery. Apply eye drops and artificial tear drops as prescribed and directed by your doctor. Do not rub your eyes at all after surgery, they are in the midst of healing and should be left entirely alone. Soap and water should be strictly kept out of eyes within the first week. If you at work staring at a screen or just at home staring at your phone, breaks should be incorporated into your day. Staring at electronic screens can cause dryness within the eyes which may alter your recovery process.

Avoid any hot tubs, swimming pools and any areas where bacteria can grow. Do not partake in any intense sports or activities that may cause sweat to enter your eyes. No makeup or eye creams should be applied within a week after the procedure. Make sure that sunglasses are being worn to protect against any harmful UV rays when outside. Protecting your eyes is key to a successful recovery.

The Lasik procedure continues to be a simplistic procedure, with a speedy recovery period and proven success. If you are open to all the beneficial results that the Lasik eye procedure has to offer, contact Dr. Ghosheh. Evaluate your candidacy and improve your vision with Lasik at Advanced Eye Medical Group.