Eye Health: The Benefits of Crying

In today’s society, crying is often associated with a negative connotation. We try to avoid it at all costs and see it as a sign of weakness. Believe it or not, there are a multitude of reasons why crying can be beneficial to both your physical and mental health.

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Crying is a natural way that our bodies can detoxify. Sounds crazy, right? But when we cry, we actually expel impurities from our bodies. If we are experiencing high levels of cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for stress, crying can help eliminate that hormone from our bodies.

Toxins that build up in the eyes can also be eliminated through tears. Tears are known to contain an antibacterial property that helps them to clean the eye and eliminate all the bad bacteria in our eyes. This helps improve our vision and keep our eyes at their peak health.

Next time you are crying, instead of thinking negatively, think of all toxins you are flushing out of your system!


Tears keep our eyes moisturized. If we didn’t have tears, our eyes would become incredibly dry and irritable. By crying tears, our eyes become naturally moisturized. This keeps them functioning properly and our vision working correctly.

Dry eye occurs when our eyes cannot produce tears. This condition is extremely uncomfortable and can lead to serious consequences, even blindness. If you feel as if you are experiencing dry eye, contact a health care provider today and they can help direct you on the proper course of action to take care of your eyes.


The emotional benefit of tears is unbeatable. Crying serves as a massive cathartic release of stress. When we release our emotions in the form of tears, we experience a dramatic decrease in stress levels. Releasing the tension is much healthier than holding onto it. If we hold into the emotion, we will ruminate on the tension, which can cause severe physical and emotional stress. If we cry, we are able to release the tension. If you have ever heard the expression “a good cry” this what people are referring to. We feel much better after having cried because we were able to let go of all the energy that was causing us to feel bad. The weight has been released.


Emotional closeness can be created through tears. Crying is a way of showing that you are close to another individual. You feel comfortable enough to cry around them. It is a moment that most people remember and respect because it shows vulnerability. This can help create bonds and strengthen the ones that you already have. It serves an important relational purpose.

While stereotypically, people think crying in front of others does the opposite of this, it reality it can help form and strengthen a relationship.

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7 Eye Symptoms You Should Never Ignore


Whenever it comes to any kind of physical symptoms that you may experience, it can sometimes be difficult to know which symptoms are serious and which ones are temporary and may go away. For many people, it can be confusing about what warrants a trip to the emergency room, an urgent care facility, or a call into the doctor’s office for an appointment.

The eyes, in particular, are an area where you might not be sure if you are experiencing symptoms of something to be concerned about and should seek medical care. However, since your eyes and vision are a vital part of your life and livelihood, it is certainly not something that you want to take a chance on. For a list of eye care services, including LASIK in Orange County, allow Advanced Eye Medical to be your professional eye experts!

Below are the 7 eye symptoms that you should never ignore.

Pain or Bleeding

The bottom line is that your eyes should never hurt, so any kind of pain or noticeably bleeding in or from the eyes should be taken seriously.  Pain in the eye can be caused from a number of factors, some known and some not.  If you are around particularly dangerous conditions for your eyes, such as fireworks or chemicals, and you experience eye pain or bleeding, you should seek out medical help immediately.  Bleeding in and around the eyes can be indication of other traumas, such as bleeding from the brain.


Many people experience what are known as “floaters”, which are small specs of light that come into your field of vision.  However, if you are experiencing these along with flashes of light (described typically as lightening streaks), this requires a trip to the eye doctor to make sure that it’s not something more serious going on.  These can potentially be signs of retinal detachment, which can cause blindness if left ignored.

Foreign Object

If you can detect that you have a foreign object embedded in your eye, it may be tempting to try to use your fingers to rub your eyes and try to remove it.  Unfortunately, that’s how most people end up causing more damage by either scratching the eye or even embedding the foreign object further.  You can try flushing the eye with clean, warm water.  If that doesn’t work and you can still sense that you have something stuck in your eye, seek medical assistance immediately.

Double Vision

Like eye pain, double vision is never a symptom to ignore.  If you are experiencing double vision in just one eye, it can be an indication of a problem with the cornea.  Double vision in both eyes can be caused to a neurological condition that is preventing your eyes from functioning properly.  If the double vision is coupled with other symptoms, such as slurred speech, pain or weakness, don’t wait for an eye doctor.  Immediately head to the nearest emergency room for evaluation.


Moles, wherever they may be found, should never be ignored.  If you see a mole develop and it changes in size, shape or pigmentation, you should see a doctor to check and see if it may be a sign of eye melanoma–a form of skin cancer of the eye.  Sunlight and its harmful UV rays can also damage the surface of your eyes, similar to how they can affect the skin.

Overly Dry Eyes

It is not uncommon to experience dry eyes, especially if you wear contact lenses.  However, if you notice that your eyes are overly red or teary and don’t see these symptoms go away, it can be a sign of keratitis, which is an infection of the cornea.  This tends to be more common for individuals who wear contact lenses, having a lot to do with the proper care and use of contact lenses.

Unequal Pupil Size

Last, but not least, if you notice that your pupils—the black dot in the center of your eyes—are unequal in size, you should seek medical help to make sure that there’s nothing more serious going on.  Changes in pupil size have been linked to other health problem, including an aneurysm, stroke, or some other neurological issue.

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Why Are You Seeing Stars?

Have you ever watched a cartoon and whenever a character hits their head, stars begin circling them and the character is usually a bit disoriented?  This isn’t just for comedic relief or animation.  Seeing stars in your vision is a real thing and is usually the result of some kind of head injury, trauma or some other illness that would be best diagnosed by a doctor. For a proper vision diagnosis or LASIK in Orange County, contact Advanced Eye Medical.

What Does “Seeing Stars” Look Like?

When someone says that they are seeing stars, it typically means that they see small specks of light or even streaks of light flashing.  While usually temporary, some people report seeing flashes of light frequently, which may be an indication of a much more serious condition.

Common Causes of “Seeing Stars”

Here are some of the common causes for seeing stars in your vision.

  • Head Injury – A blow to the head is a common cause of seeing stars. When the brain gets rattled, it can send the nerve signals in your brain in all directions, creating a great deal of chaos and therefore temporary issues with your vision.
  • Problems with the Retina – The retina is a thin layer of tissue located on the backside of the eye. It is light sensitive and creates a gel-like substance that is used to help retain the shape of the eye.  Rubbing your eye excessively or some other trauma to the eye can pull at the retina (also known as a detached retina) and cause one to see stars.
  • Migraine Headaches – Those that suffer from migraines, a very severe type of headache, often experience symptoms of either seeing stars or seeing spots (also known as “auras”) in their vision.
  • Pregnancy – Some women who are pregnant have reported trouble with their vision in the form of tiny cloud-like spots in their vision. These are called “floaters” and are generally believed to be the cause of an increase in blood pressure or glucose levels.

While not as common than the causes above, stars and flashes of light in the vision have also been linked to the following:

  • Unstable blood pressure levels
  • Complications from eye surgery
  • Autoimmune disorders, such as lupus
  • Eye infections
  • Eye tumors
  • Blood clots in the retina area

Treatment Options

For most people, seeing stars is a temporary condition.  However, due to the fact that two of the major causes of seeing stars are related to either a head injury or problems with the retina, it is important to make sure that you seek out the help of a doctor and/or ophthalmologist immediately.

If you have suffered a blow to the head, the doctor will want to make sure that you are not suffering from a concussion, which can create other health complications and can even result in death.  A doctor is properly trained and skilled to check and observe the symptoms following trauma to the head to ensure that your condition is, in fact, temporary, and does not require any additional treatment.

If you are seeing stars as the result of problems with your retina, an eye doctor is trained to run all of the necessary tests and determine whether surgery or other treatment may be required to resolve whatever issues you may be experiencing with your retina.

And, of course, if you continue to see stars or flashes following treatment, you should also go back to your doctor and seek out medical treatment to make sure that you may not be suffering from some other medical condition that has gone untreated.

Eye Treatment and LASIK in Orange County

If you are seeing stars (and not the kind generally found in Hollywood and throughout Southern California) and are located in the greater part of Orange County, contact the medical professionals at Advanced Eye Medical today at 1-866-997-2020 or by e-mail at info@laserforeyes.com.  Whether it’s a free consultation or LASIK in Orange County, we can’t wait to help get you and your vision healthy and star-free again!

How Much of our Vision is Genetic?

Problems with vision can be caused by a wide array of factors. Many individuals with impaired vision suffer from impairment caused by a pre-existing genetic condition. Understanding your family history of problems with vision can best prepare you for potential outcomes in your own life. Listed below are the most common types of genetically linked vision impairment.


Strabismus, or the misalignment of the eyes, is a vision impairment linked to genetics. This is what most people commonly refer to as being cross eyed. It is a fairly common condition, and manifests in over three million Americans each year. If you suffer from this condition, take a look at your family history, chances are the condition can be traced back through your past. If you are worried about the effectiveness and general health of your eyesight, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with Advanced Eye Medical to best determine your plan of action can be set up. Most commonly corrective eyewear is a viable solution.

Color Vision Deficiency

Color deficiency or what is most commonly refer to as being color blind, is vision impairment that is closely linked to genetics. The gene responsible for this is carried on the X chromosome. Because the gene is on the X chromosome, men are at higher risk for genetic color deficiency than women. There is currently no treatment for reversing color vision deficiency.

Myopia & Hyperopia

Myopia and hyperopia, nearsightedness and farsightedness, are linked to genetic inheritance. While these conditions are common, they appear more frequently when there is a family history. Both conditions can easily be remedied via multiple treatments options. LASIK in Orange County can be a lasting fix for the impairment and allow you to operate on a day to day basis without the assistance of visual aid.


Amblyopia, or lazy eye, is another condition linked to genetics. If both or one parent has this condition, the child will have an increased risk of also having the same vision impairment. A medical professional can help you determine whether or not this is the specific eye condition from which you suffer. There are a variety of treatments for the condition, varying from prescription drops to glasses or in some cases, surgery. Consult a professional to determine the best course of action for you.

LASIK Treatment in Orange County

If poor vision is impairing your daily life and you want more information on potential treatment options, contact Advanced Eye Medical today. Our office specializes in vision correction and our staff of professionals can determine a plan to best assist you. We take pride in welcoming each and every patient as part of our family and hope to get you on a path to seeing crystal clear today!



Why is Eye Contact So Important?


Communication is extremely important in all areas of life, including both personal and professional relationships.  Not only does communication come in the form of both verbal and written, but eye contact plays a large part in human connection and communication.  Sometimes an expression or look you give with your eyes can say more than words ever can.

Importance of Eye Contact in Everyday Life

Eye contact is a major component of body language, which is yet another form of communication with those around you.  Think about all of the things that you do on a daily basis.


While you are driving, you have no direct way to communicate with other drivers what you are doing or knowing what they are doing.  You must rely on signals provided by the driver using their car (such as a turn signal) and are at the mercy of them remembering to do so.  Another way that drivers communicate is hand signals, such as waving a driver by.  However, you also use eye contact as a means of making sure that drivers, as well as pedestrians and bikers, know that you see them and they see you.

Meeting New People

Whenever you meet someone new, eye contact is important in greeting a new acquaintance and setting a strong first impression.  Someone that makes eye contact, perhaps accompanied with a smile, is going to leave someone with a warm, welcoming impression that will go a long way.

With Your Relationships

In a world of smartphones, it is not uncommon to find yourself speaking to people who are distracted and buried with their heads focused on their mobile device. Eye contact plays an important role in communicating with any relationships that you may have.  It is the best way to show someone that you are a good listener, taking in what they have to say in a meaningful way.

Importance of Eye Contact at the Workplace 

Not only is eye contact beneficial in everyday life, but in the workplace eye contact can separate you from the herd in the most positive of ways.

Job Interviews

During a job interview, a great resume is not always enough and eye contact made throughout the interview will go a long way.  A candidate who can make direct eye contact with the interviewers throughout a job interview will demonstrate a great deal of confidence and interest in the position while displaying mindfulness through the interviewing process.

Giving Presentations

If you ever had to give a presentation at school or at work, you are probably aware of how important eye contact is when giving presentations.  Think about listening to someone else giving a presentation.  If that person never made eye contact, perhaps was always looking down at notes or up at the screen, how would you feel about the message the person was trying to leave you with?  Eye contact is a form of connecting a speaker with the audience, building trust and rapport.  The most powerful presentations are the ones that evoke a personal interaction with the audience, where it almost seems like someone is speaking right to you, because he or she is making eye contact with you throughout the presentation.

Communication with Your Coworkers and Supervisors 

Like your own personal relationships, eye contact can play a big factor with any communication that you may have with your coworkers and supervisors.  Like your personal relationships, eye contact is a way to show respect to the other person by taking an interest in what they have to say and that you are sincere in what you have to say.

As you can see from the above, eye contact plays a big part in all areas of your life. A lack of eye contact or the wrong kind of eye contact—such as a glaring look or a rolling of the eyes—can create a great deal of conflict or misunderstanding.  Take a moment to notice how you communicate with your eyes in your contact with people today.  See if you have a tendency to make or avoid eye contact and see how this impacts, either negatively or positively, the communication that you have.

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