Why is Keen Vision so Important to the Anaheim Ducks?

Like many other sports, ice hockey relies heavily on skill, strength, teamwork, and good eyesight. Dr. Ghosheh knows the importance of healthy eyesight, especially the essential role it plays for athletes. As the official ophthalmologist of the Anaheim Ducks, Dr. Ghosheh provides eye services for the entire team, ensuring their vision is up to par in time for the faceoff. But just how important is keen vision to the Anaheim Ducks, and hockey players in general?

Continue reading and find out the important role vision plays in a hockey player’s game.

Vision Demands in Hockey

The dynamic, fast-paced sport of hockey requires acute vision and eye-hand coordination to aid in optimal performance. Swift changes in the location of the players and the possession of the puck require keen visual observation and quick reaction times.

Visual Skills Athletes Use

Here are just a few of the skills the Anaheim Ducks and other NHL players utilize:

  • Peripheral Vision: This ability allows a person to see objects and movement from outside the central line of vision. In hockey, side vision is helpful for factors such as distinguishing teammates from opponents, helping the goalie protect the net from multiple shot angles, and assessing where the puck, goal, and other players are throughout the game.
  • Depth Perception: Depth perception is the visual ability to judge the distance between objects and to see things in three dimensions. This is crucial for hockey players when making passes to teammates and determining the speed necessary to complete a good pass.
  • Eye-Hand-Body Coordination: This ability involves how the hands and body react in response to visual information. This is essential for hockey players, as they are required to coordinate their movements while skating and controlling the puck.

Keeping the Goal of Better Vision in Sight

Dr. Ghosheh helps keep the team’s vision aimed at excellence and away from thin ice. Hockey players and athletes undoubtedly rely on their visual abilities, but clearer vision can benefit everyone.

If you would like to improve your vision or are suffering from problems with your eyesight, please contact our Mission Viejo office today. We treat the vision needs of all of our patients with the latest technology and the highest standard of care.

Exactly How Much Cheaper is Lasik than Contacts?

Anyone who has ever purchased contacts knows that they do not come cheap. Purchasing contacts and supplies can add up over time, as you have to stock up frequently and replace any lost or damaged contacts.

Lasik can permanently correct vision without the use of contacts or eyeglasses. But is the procedure more cost-effective in the long run?

Breaking Down the Numbers

Lasik surgery can seem daunting for both you and your bank account. The average cost of Lasik surgery, including all pre-op and post-op consultation appointments, as of 2013 was between $3,900 and $4,500 for both eyes. This amount can vary based on geographic location and choice of surgeon. Technology used can also affect the price.

In comparison, most people spend between $100 and $300 per year on contacts. This amount doesn’t include solutions, contact cases, or other contact care supplies. It also doesn’t include doctor exam fees. This means that the average person will spend around $4,000 over the next 20 years on contacts alone. If you add in inflation and the cost of supplies and exams, the cost rises considerably. Lasik would pay for itself in about 20 years, while providing perfect vision all the while, without the need of corrective lenses.

Additionally, if glasses are used as a backup to contacts, that could add up to $2,000 more in costs. Meaning, $6,000 could be spent on glasses and contacts over 20 years.

Lasik could have already paid for itself.

Consider Paying for Lasik Instead of Contacts

If you are currently buying contacts, then you are essentially paying for Lasik. More money could be invested initially toward Lasik surgery, and the benefits gained would be priceless. Imagine having perfect vision without the tedium of using glasses or contacts.
Let the doctors who’ve been perfecting Lasik surgery for over 30 years make that dream a reality. Since 1982, Drs. R.K. and Faris Ghosheh have been providing personalized and reliable eye care. Generations of families have been more than pleased with their Lasik results from Advanced Eye Medical. Schedule your consultation today at 1-866-997-2020.

Celebs Want to See, Too!

Beautiful and fully-functioning eyes are important to celebs. Long hours spent in contacts can cause red and irritated eyes, which are forbidden in the spotlight. Glasses can distract audiences from a celeb’s beauty as well as their emotional performances. Being sans glasses and contacts can help them to land bigger and better roles. As such, many celebs have chosen to undergo LASIK surgery. This simple, quick and painless procedure helps to improve vision by reshaping the cornea using a laser. Quite a few famous celebs have had LASIK surgery and are loving the results.

Kim Kardashian

Queen of the reality TV celebrity world, Kim Kardashian underwent LASIK surgery in 2009. Kim had struggled with her vision since her high school years, but she didn’t like wearing glasses and contacts because they irritated her eyes and made them red. Kim filmed her surgery in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kim had improved vision the next day, and she states, “I can see better than I ever have before.”

Jessica Simpson

Another celeb who filmed her LASIK adventure is Jessica Simpson. Designer, singer and actress Jessica decided to get LASIK in 2004. You might recall the hilarious episode of her reality TV show Newlyweds, in which she gets LASIK and recovers from the surgery with lots of giggles. Legally blind and completely dependent on contacts and glasses before the surgery, Jessica now says she can see perfectly, and says it’s almost like being healed by God.

Elton John

Although he’s famous for his many quirky glasses, this international pop star underwent LASIK in 2003. Elton owns over 4,000 pairs of glasses, but he was tired of being dependent on them. He told a UK TV show that he was “fed up” with his glasses. Now Elton doesn’t have to worry about expensive prescription lenses for his many glasses. Not only can he see better and only wear glasses when he’s on stage, but he’s saving a vast amount of money.

Brad Pitt

Two-time People’s Sexiest Man Alive Winner Brad Pitt underwent LASIK several years ago, reportedly around 2010. Brad doesn’t have to worry about how glasses interfere with his amazingly good looks now that he doesn’t need them. His job as a writer and producer require him to read and write often, a task now made easy by his perfect eyesight. Now a few years since his surgery, Brad is still completely pleased with his results.

Reese Witherspoon

About a decade ago, Reese Witherspoon decided to give up a life-long relationship with glasses and pursue LASIK surgery. Reese wanted to really pursue her career, and she was afraid that glasses and contacts would get in her way. Since her LASIK surgery, Reese has become one of the most renowned actresses on screen today. Her great vision has allowed her to do the roles and stunts she couldn’t do before.

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid is a well-known actor who’s been popular for decades. He needed glasses to help with everyday tasks, like reading a restaurant menu. He was tired of being tied to his reading glasses, so he underwent LASIK just a few years ago. Dennis now can read and see everything with zero problems. He says that LASIK is “painless, really ease, quick, and it will change your life for the better.”

Nicole Kidman

Australian beauty Nicole Kidman has earned the love and respect of millions of fans. She struggled with her vision her entire life, however, and she was legally blind. Many days were spent blurry, and she says that she used to essentially walk around blind on the red carpet in order to avoid wearing glasses or contacts. Since her surgery in 2007, she has perfect 20/20 vision. She used to have a hard time even seeing fans wave at her, but now, she says she can “smile right back if someone waves.”

See Like the Celebrities

You don’t have to be a celebrity to know that long days wearing contacts and fumbling for glasses each morning is a pain. You also don’t have to be a celebrity to get great vision from LASIK surgery. This quick and painless surgery can have you looking, seeing and feeling your best in no time. Do like the celebs do, and call Advanced Eye Medical today to schedule your iLASIK consultation.

When Will I Know that My Glasses Are No Longer Effective?

Wearing glasses can become like second nature to most. You put them on when you need to see and your vision problems are corrected. However, your glasses won’t always correct your vision, as prescriptions tend to change over time.

Because glasses aren’t always reliable, knowing when your prescription is no longer effective is important.

Symptoms of a Changing Prescription

Your eyes can experience overall strain if the wrong prescription is being used. While it is often obvious that your glasses are no longer working properly, some symptoms can help you identify the issue:

  • Headache from straining to see
  • Dizziness or a feeling of disorientation
  • Nausea not related to any other issue
  • Vertigo not related to any other medical condition
  • Blurry or fuzzy vision

These problems may appear and go away temporarily if you are adjusting to a new prescription. But if the problems persist, it is a definite sign that your glasses aren’t effective anymore.

Wearing the Wrong Prescription can Cause Discomfort

It is a common myth that wearing the wrong prescription will ruin your eyes. This simply isn’t true. Since glasses only change the light that is refracted to your eyes, eye health will not be affected by wearing the wrong prescription. Wearing the wrong prescription will, however, cause discomfort and an inability to see clearly. Driving or other activities that require a high level of vision may become difficult or impossible. It may also lead to the symptoms mentioned above because of the intense strain being placed on the eyes in an effort to see clearly.

Reasons Why Your Prescription is Inaccurate

There are various reasons why your prescription is inaccurate. If your glasses are relatively new, the problem might lie in an error in the prescription. Maybe there was a transcription error when typing your prescription into the computer. Wrong positioning of the lenses in front of your eyes can also cause problems.

If your glasses aren’t new, aging and the changing of your eye shape over time is the likely culprit for your failing glasses. Visiting an experienced and knowledgeable eye care professional can be a quick and easy way to remedy the problem. Your ophthalmologist or optometrist can check your glasses to ensure proper prescription and proper fit.

Comprehensive Eye Care

It can be difficult to notice when your glasses are no longer effective. A small change in prescription strength may not cause any symptoms other than slightly fuzzy vision. However, a large change in prescription may cause severe symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

Your eyes change as you age, and a long-term relationship with your eye care professional is vital in keeping your vision sharp and clear. Personalized exams at a comprehensive eye care facility can help ensure you have the correct prescription. The eye care professionals at Advanced Eye Medical can help. Contact us today and ensure that your view is crystal clear.

Olympians and Lasik

Exceptional athletes, like Olympic competitors, need to have strong vision. Good vision equals good performance. Contacts and glasses can impede an athlete’s ability and prevent them from performing at their best. Just imagine being a speed skater, for example, and having to wear contacts while the icy wind blows in your eyes at 30+ mph. Or imagine being a BMX competitor and getting dirt and grime under your contact lenses during a competition. Even the best equipment can’t stop all dirt, water and glare from affecting an athlete’s sight.

Many Olympic athletes have opted to get LASIK surgery in order to give them a better chance when going for the gold. These Olympians have credited their success to the amazing vision that LASIK has given them. There are many gold medalists in both summer and winter Olympic sports that have gotten LASIK and loved the results.

Summer Olympians

Olympic swimmer Amy Van Dyken has won six gold medals in her career. She is one of the top gold medal winning female U.S. swimmers. She underwent LASIK surgery in 2011.

Brendan Hansen, a three-time gold medalist in swimming, got LASIK in 2009. He won one of his gold medals and a bronze medal in the 2012 Olympics with his improved vision from the laser surgery.

BMX biker Jill Kintner is a bronze medalist in Women’s BMX. Before wowing fans at the 2008 Summer Olympics, she had LASIK that same year. Obviously, it did not slow her down one bit!

Norm Lyduch plays a sport called wheelchair rugby, also known as “Murderball.” He was awarded a free LASIK treatment in New York after sharing his longing for an Olympic gold medal in his sport. He got his LASIK surgery in 2008 and went on to win his gold medal later that year.

Winter Olympians

Lindsay Vonn, considered the most successful female skier in the U.S., got LASIK in 2010. She won a gold medal and a bronze medal at the 2010 Olympics in the Women’s Downhill and Super G, respectively.

Olympic bobsledder Elana Meyers had her LASIK surgery in 2010. She won an Olympic bronze medal in Bobsleigh later that year. Her improved vision helped her to win another medal in Bobsleigh, this time a silver medal, at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Eleven Olympic speedskaters have undergone LASIK surgery to help improve their sight. The following 9 Olympians had their surgeries in 2013 before competing in the 2014 Olympics:

  • Brittany Bowe
  • Rebekah Bradford
  • Lauren Cholewinski
  • Chris Creveling (Silver medalist, 2014)
  • Kimberly Derrick (Bronze medalist, 2014)
  • Bridie Farrell
  • Joey Mantia
  • Trevor Marsicano (Silver medalist, 2010)
  • Sugar Todd

Two more speedskaters got LASIK prior to 2013:

  • Chad Hedrick got LASIK in 2009 (Gold medalist, 2006; silver medalist 2006; silver medalist 2010; bronze medalist, 2006; bronze medalist, 2010)
  • Katherine Reutter got LASIK in 2010 (Silver medalist, 2010; bronze medalist, 2010)

See Like an Olympian

Don’t be like Bode Miller, who regretted not getting LASIK before competing in Sochi in 2014. Whether you are an Olympic athlete or a sports hobbyist, LASIK surgery can help you see better. You can have unimpeded vision without worrying about glasses and contacts. You will be confident in your eyesight and your performance capabilities. Schedule your iLASIK consultation at Advanced Eye Medical and get Olympic-worthy vision.


Top 11 Daily Struggles That People with Glasses Face

Sure, it’s become a hipster thing to wear glasses. But so many of those hipsters don’t absolutely need the glasses to see. Millions of people rely on glasses to see, but glasses can be as agonizing as they are helpful. Bespectacled people everywhere face struggles with their glasses everyday, but 11 of these struggles are worse than others.

11 Daily Struggles People With Glasses Have

1.   Laying Down

Trying to lay down with glasses is inconvenient. You can’t lay on your side because your glasses will be crooked. If you fall asleep watching TV while wearing glasses, you’ll wake up with indents on your face and permanent bends in your glasses.

2.   Weather

Whether it’s snow or rain or mist, it will end up on your glasses. Tiny water droplets will stick to your lenses and cloud your vision, and you’ll need to remove your glasses constantly to remove the precipitation.

3.   Fog

Hot weather can cause your glasses to fog up. Walking from the cold outside into a warm room can cause your glasses to heat up. Drinking coffee and cooking over a hot stove can cause your glasses to fog up. There are many fog triggers for glasses.

4.   Price

A nice, attractive pair of glasses can cost $200 and up, depending on brand and lense type. If you want to wear contacts, you double your expenses. This expense is recurring because you’ll want and need new glasses every couple of years.

5.   Sunglasses

Sunglasses are impossible for people who wear glasses. Prescription sunglasses are a possibility, but you’ll pay dearly for them. If you do manage to get prescription sunglasses, you’ll have to switch back and forth between your different glasses each time you go indoors or outdoors.

6.   Glare

Standing in the sun, standing in front of a bright light or the flash of a camera can all cause awful glare from your glasses. Driving in the sun is difficult, driving at night is dangerous and having clear lenses in a photo is impossible. Some lenses reduce glare, but they can be expensive and they will not get rid of glare entirely.

7.   Losing Them

We’ve all seen Scooby Doo, and we all laugh at Velma each time she loses her glasses. It’s funny until it happens to you. Folks with glasses often have to worry about losing their glasses at an inconvenient time. If you do accidentally misplace your glasses, you’ll be walking around blind until you can grab a replacement pair.

8.   Exercise

With exercise comes sweat, and with sweat comes slipping and fogging glasses. If you run or do another high-impact exercise, your glasses might bounce and make you feel disoriented. Doing push-ups can result in your glasses falling off completely. Glasses are definitely a needless worry while working out.

9.   Showers

You have two options: shower with your glasses on and have them covered in distracting water droplets, or take them off and essentially go blind. Keeping them on is a risk because you don’t want to damage them and they’ll get in the way, but if you take them off, you’ll barely be able to read the shampoo bottle.

10.   Sun

Glare isn’t the only problem that the sun imposes on eyeglass wearers. You also have to worry about the dreaded glasses tan. Even if you have thin frames, they will still leave a mark from the sun. Sunscreen can help, but getting it too close to your eyes can be dangerous and painful.

11.   Nerd Status

Bespectacled people are often labeled as nerds or geeks. Some glasses might make you look smarter and more modern, but the wrong pair glasses can have the opposite effect. People who wear glasses are often teased and bullied more in their younger years, and that self-consciousness about their vision can carry over into the adult years.

Let LASIK End Your Struggle

The struggle with glasses doesn’t have to continue forever. LASIK eye surgery can use the latest laser technology to help improve your vision. You can throw away your glasses and save yourself time and money. You won’t have to fear weather, the sun or the gym. You can shower and sleep without inconvenience.
Call Advanced Eye Medical today to schedule your iLASIK consultation. Let the professionals in our office save you from your glasses today.

6 Sports Greats Who’ve Had LASIK Surgery

LASIK Surgery, or laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis if you hate acronyms, is an increasingly popular form of vision correction that can dramatically improve your vision and provide a permanent alternative to glasses or contacts. Millions of people have undergone this minimally-invasive surgery and received incredible results, but some of the more prominent patients may surprise you.

We put together a list of the six athletes we think best showcase the benefits of LASIK, while also showing that LASIK can be a benefit to almost anyone. These eight athletes have all had their vision improved with LASIK. Some of them you may be aware of, but some of them just might surprise you.

Miami Heat’s –  Amar’e Stoudemire

Amar’e Stoudemire has had a rough time lately with several seasons in a row plagued by chronic knee problems, but despite this he is still one of the most well-respected players in the NBA. Stoudemire was awarded the honor of Rookie of the Year in 2003, earned a bronze medal with the U.S. Men’s National Team of the 2004 Olympics, and is  a six-time NBA All-Star. Stoudemire has been successful on and off the court and at least some of that success is attributed to the better vision he received from LASIK surgery. As of July, 2015 Stoudemire plays for the Miami Heat, and is known for the goggles he wears to protect his eyes following his surgery.

Miami Heat’s – Dwyane Wade

Speaking of the Miami Heat, three-time NBA Champion, and career All-Star Dwyane Wade has also undergone LASIK to improve his vision. The shooting guard and former member of the most talked about trio in sports, the “Big Three,” Wade is one of the best players currently in the NBA. Wade is one of the most visually-creative players in the NBA and has consistently given All-Star performances since he was drafted in 2003. He is also one of few NBA players that can claim to have started in and won back-to-back championship games, in his case in 2012 and 2013.

Miami Heat’s – LeBron James

Wrapping up the NBA contingent of this list, we have perhaps greatest active player, LeBron James. James was a first round draft pick, ironically enough, in the same year as both Amar’e Stoudemire and Dwyane Wade. He has two championship rings with the Miami Heat alongside fellow LASIK patient and teammate Wade. He has also been the recipient of four most valuable player awards, two Olympic gold medals, a scoring title, and a rookie of the year award.

As recipient of all these accolades, it should come as no surprise that he is also the all-time leading scorer for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and indeed he can arguably be credited with bringing the Cavs up to the top tier of the NBA after he lead them to their first Finals appearance in 2007. James underwent LASIK surgery just a short time before Wade in 2007.

Golf Phenom – Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was the most dominant and highest paid athlete in sports for a very long time. His talent has landed him more career major wins than anyone else in the game, the second most championship wins, and seat at the top of the highest paid golfers for 10 seasons.

Woods is spoken of constantly when it comes to naming the greatest athletes of the past several decades. Had it not been for some personal indiscretions that led to some drama off the green, and a major back surgery that followed it, Woods might still be one of the most dominant figures in sports.

Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback – Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman played for the Dallas Cowboys from 1989 until his retirement in 2000 following a struggle with chronic back pain and a concussion-producing hit that ended his final season. During his time with the Dallas Cowboys, he was selected for the Pro Bowl six times, and helped lead the Cowboys to three Super Bowl championships, one of which resulted in him being selected as MVP. Aikman was nominated for and elected to both the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006 and the College Football Hall of Fame in 2008.

Aikman is consistently mentioned when it comes to talking about the all-time best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, and LASIK surgery has certainly helped his career. After his retirement, Aikman became a sportscaster for the Fox network, a position he still holds.

Stock Race Car Driver – Kevin Harvick

Kevin Harvick is the reigning Nascar Sprint Cup Series Champion after winning the title last year. Harvick is one of the most well-known driver’s in the sport, with 60 overall wins and over 250 top ten finishes in the Sprint Cup Series alone to his name. Harvick’s career began in 2000 with a rookie of the year award, and he hasn’t looked back since.

He has competed in all three major Nascar series, including the Sprint Cup Series, Xfinity Series, and Camping World Truck Series. Between these three, Harvick has started in nearly one thousand races, with almost 50 of those being poll-position starts.

He stated in an interview about undergoing LASIK, “I’ve always been right-eye dominant. I tend to focus on the racetrack more with my right eye and I was susceptible to headaches so I thought it was time to get it done.”

For a man with a day-job that lives for 200 mile-an-hour thrills, we’re certainly glad he decided to have the best vision possible.

Aim High with Your Vision Similar to These Athletes

These great athletes have all improved in their careers, and in large part they have their LASIK surgeons to thank for the high quality vision correction. Hopefully the tales of their success will put to rest any misconceptions about LASIK being treatment for those in their “twilight years” or with a less active lifestyle. The truth of the matter is, LASIK surgery makes a dramatic improvement in the life of anyone suffering from visual miscues or obstacles that limit physical activities.

If you would like to know more about how LASIK has the ability to change your life, athlete or not, contact the Advanced Eye Medical Group to schedule a consultation.